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Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Biosciences. Tubingen

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  1. Bioactivity of flavonoids isolated from Lychnophora markgravii against Leishmania amazonensis amastigotes.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 64(7-8):509 (2009) PMID 19791501

    The bioactivity of the flavonoids pinostrobin (1), pinocembrin (2), tectochrysin (3), galangin 3-methyl ether (4), and tiliroside (5) isolated from Lychnophora markgravii aerial parts was investigated in vitro against amastigote stages of Leishmania amazonensis. The compounds were isolated by severa...
  2. Inhibitory effect of some acetyl esters and acetamides on glycation of the histone H1.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 63(7-8):526 (2008) PMID 18810996

    We designed to study the antiglycation activity of other acetyl group-containing compounds (acetamides and acetyl esters) using the lysine-rich protein histone H1 as a model. The glycation of the histone H1 was carried out by either fructose or a complex mixture of glycating agents obtained from E....
  3. Three highly oxygenated caryophyllene sesquiterpenes from Pestalotiopsis sp., a fungus isolated from bark of Pinus taeda.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 58(5-6):319 (2003) PMID 12872922

    A Pestalotiopis sp. was isolated from the trunk bark of Pinus taeda. The fungus was cultivated in liquid medium and produced three highly oxygenated caryophyllene sequiterpene derivatives, named pestalotiopsolide A, taedolidol and 6-epitaedolidol, respectively. The sesquiterpenes were isolated by si...
  4. Nitidon, a new bioactive metabolite from the basidiomycete Junghuhnia nitida (Pers.: Fr.) Ryv.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 53(1-2):89 (1998) PMID 9528126

    Nitidon, a highly oxidised pyranone derivative produced by the basidiomycete Junghuhnia nitida, has been isolated and its biological activities evaluated. The structure was determined by spectroscopic methods. Nitidon exhibits antibiotic and cytotoxic activities and induces morphological and physiol...
  5. Enzymatic nitrate assay by a kinetic method employing Escherichia coli nitrate reductase.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 40(1-2):134 (1985) PMID 3887790

    An enzymatic assay system for nitrate employing the membrane-bound nitrate reductase (EC of E. coli is described. Contrary to previous enzymatic assay systems, the present method is a kinetic one, i.e. the substrate, nitrate, is assayed by measuring the reaction rate of the nitrate reducta...
  6. Induction of metalloproteinase 9 secretion from human keratinocytes by pleuran (beta-glucan from Pleurotus ostreatus).

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 64(7-8):597 (2009) PMID 19791514

    Glucan preparations, primarily modified water-soluble glucans, are involved in the activation of the body's natural defense mechanisms and in the acceleration of the skin's wound-healing processes. Pleuran, an insoluble beta-D-glucan in hydrogel form, offers a natural alternative to more common chem...
  7. LC-MS and LC-PDA analysis of Hypericum empetrifolium and Hypericum sinaicum.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 64(7-8):476 (2009) PMID 19791496

    We report the analysis of the major active metabolites, naphthodianthrones and phloroglucinols, in the methanolic extracts of two under-explored Hypericum species; H. empetrifolium Willd. and H. sinaicum Hochst. & Steud. ex Boiss., using LC-(+,-)-ESI-MS (TIC and SIM) and LC-UV/Vis spectroscopy. Base...
  8. Chemical composition of the essential oils of two Chinese endemic Meconopsis species.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 58(5-6):313 (2003) PMID 12872920

    The essential oils from two Chinese endemic Meconopsis species, i. e., M. punicea and M. delavayi, were analyzed by using GC-MS for the first time. The major constituents were hexadecanoic acid (16.8%), 1,2-dimethyl naphthalene (11.4%), 1,4-dimethyl naphthalene (6.6%), 1,3-dimethyl-5-ethyl naphthale...
  9. Further observations on periodicities of nucleotide occurrences in natural DNA's.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 40(11-12):854 (1985) PMID 2938352

    We had reported that the self-information values for one type of dinucleotide association showed a marked periodicity when their autocorrelation coefficients were graphed. A similar, but computationally simpler, analysis has been developed which gives a comparable indication of periodicity. The diff...
  10. Acyl chain specificity and kinetic properties of phospholipase A1 and A2 of bone marrow-derived macrophages.

    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C. Bios... 40(5-6):356 (1985) PMID 4024704

    These results are suitable to explain a selective liberation of arachidonic acid from a mixture of phospholipids....