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Forensic Science International

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  1. Editorial Board
    Author(s) unavailable

    Forensic Science International 250:iii (2015)

  2. Corrigendum to “3-Naphthoylindazoles and 2-naphthoylbenzoimidazoles as novel chemical groups of synthetic cannabinoids: Chemical structure elucidation, analytical characteristics and identification of the first representatives in smoke mixtures” [Forensic Sci Int 242 (2014) 72–80]

    Forensic Science International 249:280 (2015)

  3. Corrigendum to “The injury pattern in fatal suicidal falls from a height: An examination of 307 cases” [Forensic Sci Int 244 (2014) 57–62]

    Forensic Science International 249:52 (2015)

  4. Editorial Board
    Author(s) unavailable

    Forensic Science International 249:iii (2015)

  5. The reference ballistic imaging database revisited

    Forensic Science International 248:82 (2015) PMID 25616217

    • The idea of a reference ballistic image database is reviewed with novel technology. • Evofinder® has higher correlation efficiency as opposed to IBIS® Heritage™....
  6. Validation of JWH-018 and its metabolites in blood and urine by UPLC–MS/MS: Monitoring in forensic cases

    Forensic Science International 248:88 (2015) PMID 25616218

    • JWH-018 and its metabolites analysis in blood and urine samples using UPLC–MS/MS. • Application to 868 authentic forensic samples from suspects of drug abuse. ...
  7. Quantifying the weight of fingerprint evidence through the spatial relationship, directions and types of minutiae observed on fingermarks

    Forensic Science International 248:154 (2015) PMID 25637956

    • This paper proposes a feature-based fingerprint statistical model. • The model has been using a very large reference dataset of finger impressions. ...
  8. Inside Front Cover- Editorial Board
    Author(s) unavailable

    Forensic Science International 248:IFC (2015)

  9. Forensic intelligence for medicine anti-counterfeiting

    Forensic Science International 248:15 (2015) PMID 25576676

    • Analysis of counterfeit medicines in a forensic intelligence perspective. • Profiling of counterfeit seizures with chemical and packaging data. ...
  10. Isotopic and elemental profiling of ammonium nitrate in forensic explosives investigations

    Forensic Science International 248:101 (2015) PMID 25602642

    • Use of ICP–MS and IRMS for chemical profiling of ammonium nitrate. • Possible to discriminate between ammonium nitrate from different sources. ...