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  1. What a validation strategy means for the quantitation of cocaine and heroin?

    Forensic Science International 251:32 (2015)

    • Validation of a GC-FID method developed for quantifying cocaine and heroin. • Total error concept and accuracy profile as a decision tool. ...
  2. Determination of cocaine in Real banknotes circulating at the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Forensic Science International 251:50 (2015)

    • Study on the extent of cocaine in banknotes in circulation in Rio de Janeiro. • Analysis of cocaine as a function of the region of collection of note. ...
  3. Raman spectroscopy of uranium compounds and the use of multivariate analysis for visualization and classification

    Forensic Science International 251:61 (2015)

    • 95 Raman spectra of uranium ore concentrates were analyzed by PCA, PLS-DA and FDA. • PCA, PLS-DA and FDA showed consistent and corroborating results. ...
  4. When gas analysis assists with postmortem imaging to diagnose causes of death

    Forensic Science International 251:1 (2015)

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  5. UV-vis spectrophotometric determination of trinitrotoluene (TNT) with trioctylmethylammonium chloride as ion pair assisted and disperser agent after dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction

    Forensic Science International 251:77 (2015)

  6. Toolmark variability and quality depending on the fundamental parameters: Angle of attack, toolmark depth and substrate material

    Forensic Science International 251:40 (2015)

    Highlights • Toolmark similarity and variability, dependent on angle of attack, depth and substrate. • Comparison between two common substrate materials ...
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    Forensic Science International 250:iii (2015)

  8. Testing photogrammetry-based techniques for three-dimensional surface documentation in forensic pathology

    Forensic Science International 250:77 (2015) PMID 25818581

    • Handheld scanning and single camera photogrammetry are efficient 3D documentation techniques. • Neither of the tested techniques is particularly appropriate for ...
  9. Pharmacokinetics of reduced iso-α-acids in volunteers following clear bottled beer consumption

    Forensic Science International 250:37 (2015) PMID 25769132

    • Reduced iso-α-acids (IAA) are ingredient congeners found in clear, and in some green, bottled beer. • We examine their presence in volunteers over 6h given contr...
  10. Towards source level evaluation of the evidential value of fibre examinations

    Forensic Science International 250:57 (2015) PMID 25828379

    • A review of studies on the discrimination of fibres is provided. • A statistical model for source level interpretation of fibre examination is proposed. ...