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Forensic Science International

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  1. Methadone-related deaths. A ten year overview

    Forensic Science International 257:172 (2015)

    • We describe a 10 year experience about methadone-related deaths. • We found 36 methadone deaths compared to 111 heroin deaths. ...
  2. Investigation of a recently detected THCCOOH isomer: Post mortem findings and comparison with Δ8-THCCOOH

    Forensic Science International 257:252 (2015)

    • Investigations on the nature of a previously unknown isomer of Δ9-THCCOOH. • The Δ8-structure (e.g. Δ8-THCCOOH an isomer of Δ9-THCCOOH) is proposed. ...
  3. CBL-2201. Report on a new designer drug: Napht-1-yl 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylate

    Forensic Science International 257:209 (2015)

  4. Stability of ethyl glucuronide in hair reference materials after accelerated aging

    Forensic Science International 257:337 (2015)

    • Hair materials containing ethyl glucuronide were submitted to accelerated aging. • Authentic and incorporated hair materials was stored between −20°C and +60°C. ...
  5. Pattern injuries from blows with the muzzle end of a handgun

    Forensic Science International 257:341 (2015)

    Pistols, revolvers and blank guns are not only used to discharge cartridges, but also for hits to the victim. In such cases, the blows preferably affect the head and/or the interposed hands protecting the body. The impact is mostly exerted either by the grip of a pistol or the butt of ...
  6. Postmortem redistribution of olanzapine following intramuscular administration of olanzapine pamoate in dogs

    Forensic Science International 257:353 (2015)

    • Postmortem redistribution of olanzapine was investigated in dogs. • Concentrations of olanzapine and N-oxide olanzapine were determined by LC–MS/MS. ...
  7. Methadone related deaths compared to all prescription related deaths

    Forensic Science International 257:347 (2015)

    • The majority of methadone deaths came outside the PDMP system. • A risk-benefit analysis should be made to consider changing existing laws. ...
  8. Evaluation of gunshot residue (GSR) evidence: Surveys of prevalence of GSR on clothing and frequency of residue types

    Forensic Science International 257:177 (2015)

    • The cuffs of 100 garments were examined for background levels of GSR. No 3-component particles were found on 98 of them. • Two 3-component particles were found o...
  9. A review of ethylphenidate in deaths in east and west Scotland

    Forensic Science International 257:203 (2015)

    • 19 positive ethylphenidate cases were identified in an 18 month period in East and West Scotland. • Concentrations ranged from 0.008mg/L to over 2mg/L in post-mo...
  10. Effects of skin elasticity on bite mark distortion

    Forensic Science International 257:293 (2015)

    • Tooth width distortion is not uniform across a dental arch. • Tooth width distortion occurs in a random manner. • ...