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Historical Biology

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  1. Climate and New World periosteal reaction patterns: implications for migration routes into the western hemisphere.

    Historical Biology 21(3-4):115 (2009) PMID 20481062

    The presence of the diseases yaws and bejel are indicated by periosteal reaction patterns. The distributions of these two diseases in ancient North American human populations show evidence of climatic influence. Those ancient populations lacking either yaws or bejel (the null periosteal reaction pat...
  2. The phylogenetic relationships of early dinosaurs: a comparative report

    Historical Biology 19(1):145 (2007)

  3. A history and reassessment of the unique but missing specimen of Rawnsley's Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus rawnsleyi, Diggles 1867, (Aves:...

    Historical Biology 18(2):53 (2006)

  4. Tempo and mode of modern bird evolution observed with large-scale taxonomic sampling

    Historical Biology 18(2):205 (2006)

  5. Editorial board
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    Historical Biology 14(4):1 (2000)

  6. Book reviews

    Historical Biology 12(3):291 (1997)

  7. The reduced cladistic consensus method and cassiduloid echinoid phylogeny

    Historical Biology 12(1):63 (1996)

  8. Adaptations to burrowing in a few recent gastropods

    Historical Biology 7(4):291 (1994)

  9. Editorial board
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    Historical Biology 7(1):1 (1993)

  10. Book reviews

    Historical Biology 7(1):91 (1993)