Historical Biology

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  1. Climate and New World periosteal reaction patterns: implications for migration routes into the western hemisphere.

    Historical Biology 21(3-4):115 (2009) PMID 20481062

    The presence of the diseases yaws and bejel are indicated by periosteal reaction patterns. The distributions of these two diseases in ancient North American human populations show evidence of climatic influence. Those ancient populations lacking either yaws or bejel (the null periosteal reaction...
  2. Learning through glass: the Blaschka marine models in North American post secondary education.

    Historical Biology 20(1):29 (2008) PMID 20617623

    The use of the Blaschka marine models in North American educational institutions from 1870-1890 is detailed. Historical records of purchase from the Henry Augustus Ward papers and Leopold Blaschka's business notebooks and correspondence were examined to show how the models were received by curat...
  3. From reference specimen to verisimilitude: the Blaschkas' penchant for botanical accuracy.

    Historical Biology 20(1):11 (2008) PMID 20617621

    The Glass Flowers Collection, commissioned from Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, was created in 1886 through 1936 to illustrate the plant kingdom for the Botanical Museum at Harvard University. The models are both examples of superb flameworking, and represent botanical sciences in the late nineteen...
  4. The Blaschka models of the Humboldt University of Berlin and their historical context.

    Historical Biology 20(1):19 (2008) PMID 20617622

    The Humboldt University of Berlin has a collection of Blaschka models which came from the teaching collection of the Zoological Institute and the former exhibition of the Museum of Natural History. Besides those from the Blaschkas other models from model makers like Adolf and Friedrich Ziegler i...