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Journal of Clinical Neuroscience

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  1. Atypical atlanto-axial subluxation

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 19(4):1 (2012)

  2. Wikipedia and neurological disorders

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience (2009)

    We analyzed information regarding the total article views for 90 days and the rank of these articles among all those available in Wikipedia. We determined the highest search volume peaks to identify possible correlation with online news headlines. No relation between incidence or prevalence of neuro...
  3. Reply to letter regarding (99m)Tc-Tetrofosmin SPECT for the assessment of meningioma malignancy.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 15(6):722 (2008) PMID 18406617

  4. Response to 'Hypothalamic stimulation for cluster headache'.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 15(3):335 (2008) PMID 18262133

  5. A novel literature-based approach to identify genetic and molecular predictors of survival in glioblastoma multiforme: Analysis of 14,678 pa...

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience (2005)

    We identified 422 reported genetic and molecular predictors, of which 52 had ⩾2 studies. IDH1 mutation and O6-MGMT were classified as clearly prognostic, validating the methodology. High Ki-67/MIB-1 and loss of heterozygosity of chromosome 10/10q were classified as weakly prognostic. Four factors we...
  6. Role of single photon emission computed tomography and transcranial doppler ultrasonography in clinical vasospasm

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 9(4):4 (2002)

  7. Post-traumatic intradiploic leptomeningeal fistula and cyst

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 9(4):6 (2002)

  8. Open-door versus French-door laminoplasty for the treatment of cervical multilevel compressive myelopathy

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(3):450 (2015)

    We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis. Four comparative trials were identified and analyzed in the review. The results showed that ODL had a higher postoperative Japanese Orthopaedic Association (JOA) score than FDL (weighted mean difference [WMD]=0.83; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.4...
  9. Evidence-based management of deep wound infection after spinal instrumentation.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(2):238 (2015) PMID 25308619

    I or II evidence was identified. With regards to surgical management, five studies support instrumentation retention in the setting of early deep infection. In contrast, for delayed infection, the evidence favors removal of instrumentation at the time of initial debridement. Surgeons should be aware...
  10. Human cytomegalovirus viral load in tumor and peripheral blood samples of patients with malignant gliomas.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(2):326 (2015) PMID 25443081

    We investigated the association between HCMV infection and reactivation, and malignant gliomas. An open, matched case-control, parallel group pilot study was performed in a tertiary referral center. The HCMV viral load in peripheral blood and tumor samples of 19 patients newly diagnosed with gliobla...