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Journal of Clinical Neuroscience

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  1. Atypical atlanto-axial subluxation

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 19(4):1 (2012)

  2. Reply to letter regarding (99m)Tc-Tetrofosmin SPECT for the assessment of meningioma malignancy.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 15(6):722 (2008) PMID 18406617

  3. Response to 'Hypothalamic stimulation for cluster headache'.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 15(3):335 (2008) PMID 18262133

  4. Role of single photon emission computed tomography and transcranial doppler ultrasonography in clinical vasospasm

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 9(4):4 (2002)

  5. Post-traumatic intradiploic leptomeningeal fistula and cyst

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 9(4):6 (2002)

  6. Obsessive compulsive disorder due to a cavernous malformation hemorrhage in the dominant caudate head.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(2):398 (2015) PMID 25124646

    We report a 31-year-old woman who developed OCD after a previously asymptomatic left caudate intracerebral cavernous malformation (ICM) hemorrhaged. Her neurologic examination was normal. Her OCD required hospitalization and improved with medication and therapy. The pathophysiology of this psychiatr...
  7. Ventriculomammary shunt: An unusual ventriculoperitoneal shunt complication.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(2):402 (2015) PMID 25127261

    We detail this unusual case and review all breast related VP shunt complications reported in the literature. To avoid breast related complications related to VP shunt procedures, it is important to illicit pre-procedural history regarding breast implants, evade indwelling implants during catheter tu...
  8. A method for complete angiographic obliteration of a brain arteriovenous malformation in a single session through a single pedicle.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(2):391 (2015) PMID 25439751

    We describe a novel endovascular approach to the treatment of brain AVM using Onyx (ev3 Endovascular, Plymouth, MN, USA), which may allow for a complete angiographic obliteration in a single treatment session. Twelve patients underwent Onyx embolization of an AVM using a novel "reverse plug and push...
  9. Brainstem lymphoma in a myasthenia gravis patient on azathioprine.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 22(2):415 (2015) PMID 25443086

    We report a patient with seropositive MG who developed a brainstem lymphoma 4years after being treated with azathioprine and review the literature on the occurrence of lymphoma in this patient population. An 82-year-old man with ocular MG who had been on azathioprine for 4years developed subacute wo...
  10. A 67-year-old man with painful diplopia: question.

    Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 21(12):2227, 2260 (2014) PMID 25580508