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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

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  1. Nutritional status of adolescents in agrarian crises-affected area of maharashtra.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 38(3):180 (2013) PMID 24019605

  2. Child Rearing Practices Amongst Brothel-based Commercial Sex Workers.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 37(3):197 (2012) PMID 23112449 PMCID PMC3483516

  3. A study on consciousness of adolescent girls about their body image.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 36(3):197 (2011) PMID 22090673 PMCID PMC3214444

    Perceived body image is an important potential predictor of nutritional status. Body image misconception during adolescence is unexplored field in Indian girls. To study the consciousness of adolescent girls about their body image. This multistage observational study was conducted on 586 adolescent...
  4. Evaluation of work place stress in health university workers: a study from rural India.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 36(1):39 (2011) PMID 21687380 PMCID PMC3104707

    Healthcare providers being over-worked and under staffed are prone to poor mental health. Unhealthy work place compounds it further. This study was aimed at to assess the mental health status of a medical university employee with special reference to work place stressors. A cross-sectional study was...
  5. E-waste management: as a challenge to public health in India.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 35(3):382 (2010) PMID 21031101

  6. Community ophthalmology: revisited.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 35(2):356 (2010) PMID 20922125

  7. Cost-effectiveness of Childbirth Strategies for Prevention of Mother-to-child Transmission of HIV Among Mothers Receiving Nevirapine in Indi...

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 35(1):29 (2010) PMID 20606916 PMCID PMC2888364

    Mother-to-child transmission of HIV is an important mode of spread of HIV in India. With strategies like caesarian section and nevirapine therapy, this spread has been reduced. However, they have costs attached. In this context, this paper attempts to compare the cost-effectiveness of alternative ch...
  8. Screening for hypertension among older adults: a primary care "high risk" approach.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 35(1):67 (2010) PMID 20606923 PMCID PMC2888371

    Recommendations for early detection and management of elevated blood pressure through opportunistic clinic-based screening may be inadequate for the rural population in India as access to health facilities is limited. Sixteen Health Aides (trained primary care workers) were trained to measure blood...
  9. Association of sleep duration with arterial blood pressure profile of gujarati Indian adolescents.

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 35(1):125 (2010) PMID 20606936 PMCID PMC2888340

    Recently, National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey-1 data analysis found short sleep duration as a risk factor for hypertension in the U.S. population. However, since ethnic differences exist in the aetiopathogenesis of diseases, the current study was undertaken to study the effect of slee...
  10. Why do we Need to Control Alcohol Use Through Legislative Measures? A South East Asia Perspective?

    Indian Journal of Community Medicine 35(1):147 (2010) PMID 20606941 PMCID PMC2888346

    Even though prevalence of alcohol use in the world is very high, it has not been brought under legal control in several countries, contrary to other controlled substances like opium, cocaine, cannabis, and so on. To demonstrate the similarities in both alcohol and opioid dependence by comparing and...