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Contemporary Nurse

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  1. Nurses' perceptions of parent empowerment in chronic illness.

    Contemporary Nurse (2013) PMID 23473233

    The participants identified that empowered parents are able to take care of their child in a safe and structured way at home. An atmosphere of trust, open communication, shared decision making, support and parental readiness to accept their child's care led to parent empowerment. Nurse's role was id...
  2. Perspectives on Provider Behaviors: A Qualitative Study of Sexual and Gender Minorities Regarding Quality of Care.

    Contemporary Nurse (2013) PMID 23398463

    Abstract Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) identified patients report receiving substandard care from healthcare providers. They face the fear and disturbing reality of discrimination when accessing health care. Without culturally sensitive treatment, nursing and...
  3. Behind the rhetoric - is palliative care equitably available for all?

    Contemporary Nurse (2012) PMID 22943052

    Abstract Disparities in access to health care also extend to the end-of-life care. Despite the general principle that palliative care is equitably available for all in need, it remains underutilised by certain groups in the community. Ethnic minorities, older people and patients with...
  4. Promoting self-reflection in clinical practice among Chinese nursing undergraduates in Hong Kong.

    Contemporary Nurse (2012) PMID 22607619

    Abstract This study evaluated the effect of a structured education programme on improving the self-reflection skills of Chinese nursing undergraduates in managing clinical situations. Johns Structured Reflection Model was used as a framework for the development of the education progr...
  5. Caught in the tapestry of tobacco: why I smoke.

    Contemporary Nurse 41(1):51 (2012) PMID 22724906

    We explore nursing research in the area of middle-aged women and tobacco use. Interlaced throughout the literature review is the story of a 57 year old female and her experiences with smoking....
  6. An Analysis of the Satisfaction Levels of Nursing and Midwifery Students in a Health College in Turkey.

    Contemporary Nurse (2012) PMID 22551284

    Abstract A clear understanding and appreciation of the student satisfaction proves to be fundamental in improving educational processes, enhancing the quality of education and evaluating the institutional efficiency. This study aims to determine the satisfaction levels of students an...
  7. Advanced Practice Nurses and Program Evaluation: Can Solicitation of an Email Address Lead to Longitudinal Selection Bias?

    Contemporary Nurse (2012) PMID 22551272

    Abstract Objectives - To identify if survey respondents providing an e-mail address for program evaluation represent a risk of longitudinal selection bias. Methods - A survey was administered to advanced practice nurses after a chronic disease self-management presentation. Chi-square...
  8. Trial and retribution: a qualitative study of whistleblowing and workplace relationships in nursing.

    Contemporary Nurse 36(1-2):34 (2010) PMID 21254821

    Abstract This paper reports a study aiming to present and describe the effects of whistleblowing episodes on nurses' workplace relationships. Eighteen participants with direct experience of whistleblowing were recruited into the study, which was informed by a qualitative narrative inquiry design. Fi...
  9. In search of a national approach to professional supervision for mental health and addiction nurses: The New Zealand experience.

    Contemporary Nurse 34(2):267 (2010) PMID 20509811

    A competent nursing workforce is crucial for recovery of mental health and addiction service users. Professional supervision is central to facilitating this competency. This article reports on research that scoped the current provision of professional supervision then explores possibilities for deve...
  10. Nursing workforce and workplaces: contemporary and concerns and challenges.

    Contemporary Nurse 36(1-2):3 (2010) PMID 21465829