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Seminars in Immunology

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  1. Contribution of metabolic reprogramming to macrophage plasticity and function

    Seminars in Immunology (2015)

    • Cellular metabolism links sensing of microenvironment with macrophage plasticity. • Metabolic adaptation toward aerobic glycolysis is a hallmark of inflammatory ...
  2. Exosomes: An emerging factor in stress-induced immunomodulation

    Seminars in Immunology 26(5):394 (2014) PMID 24405946

    • Stressor exposure modifies exosome protein and microRNA composition. • Modified exosomes can regulate in vivo immunity. ...
  3. Spinal cord injury, immunodepression, and antigenic challenge

    Seminars in Immunology 26(5):415 (2014) PMID 24747011

    • Spinal cord injury increases susceptibility to microbial infection. • Underlying mechanisms include dampened T cell responses to microbial antigens. ...
  4. Making new connections: The intersection of neurendocrine and immune regulation

    Seminars in Immunology 26(5):355 (2014) PMID 25443578

  5. Tumor necrosis factor alpha in mycobacterial infection

    Seminars in Immunology 26(3):203 (2014)

    • In TB, TNF-α is produced primarily by myeloid cells and also by lymphocytes and its availability is regulated by cytokines, enzymes, lipid mediators and miRNAs. • ...
  6. TWEAK/Fn14 axis: The current paradigm of tissue injury-inducible function in the midst of complexities

    Seminars in Immunology 26(3):229 (2014)

    • The TWEAK/Fn14 pathway has emerged as a prominent, injury-induced molecular axis. • Fn14 signaling potentials are complex; depend on nature and degree of Fn14 en...
  7. Roles of ligands from the TNF superfamily in B cell development, function, and regulation

    Seminars in Immunology 26(3):191 (2014) PMID 24996229

    • We review the involvement of TNF superfamily members in controlling B cells. • We consider B cell development, function, and regulation. ...
  8. The TNF family in T cell differentiation and function – Unanswered questions and future directions

    Seminars in Immunology 26(3):183 (2014) PMID 24613728 PMCID PMC4099277

    • TNF/TNFR superfamily proteins are major regulators of T cells. • OX40, CD27, GITR, DR3, CD30, 4-1BB, TACI, and TNFR2 promote clonal expansion and T cell memory. ...
  9. The TNF family: only the surface has been scratched

    Seminars in Immunology 26(3) (2014)

  10. Master regulator of intestinal disease: IL-6 in chronic inflammation and cancer development

    Seminars in Immunology 26(1):75 (2014)

    • IL-6 is a pleiotropic cytokine involved in the regulation of innate and adaptive immunity. • IL-6 regulates chronic intestinal inflammation by regulating the bal...