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  1. Visualizing simulated electrical fields from electroencephalography and transcranial electric brain stimulation: A comparative evaluation

    NeuroImage 101:513 (2014)

    We evaluate a number of widely used visualization techniques, based on either the potential distribution or on the current-flow. In particular, we focus on the extractability of quantitative and qualitative information from the obtained images, their effective integration of anatomical context infor...
  2. A Bayesian approach to the creation of a study-customized neonatal brain atlas

    NeuroImage 101:256 (2014)

    We employed a volume-based template estimation (VTE) method to create a neonatal brain template customized to a study population, while keeping the anatomical parcellation identical to that of a common MRI atlas. The VTE was used to morph the standardized parcellation map of the JHU-neonate-SS atlas...
  3. Automated fetal brain segmentation from 2D MRI slices for motion correction

    NeuroImage 101:633 (2014)

    We propose an automatic method to localize and segment the brain of the fetus when the image data is acquired as stacks of 2D slices with anatomy misaligned due to fetal motion. We combine this segmentation process with a robust motion correction method, enabling the segmentation to be refined as th...
  4. Changes in structural and functional connectivity among resting-state networks across the human lifespan

    NeuroImage 102:345 (2014)

    We use network modeling techniques to identify significant changes in network organization across the human lifespan. The results of this study demonstrate that whole-brain functional and structural connectivity both exhibit reorganization with age. On average, functional connections within resting-...
  5. Editorial Board
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    NeuroImage 95:IFC (2014)

  6. Noninvasive cortical imaging of epileptiform activities from interictal spikes in pediatric patients.

    NeuroImage 54(1):244 (2011) PMID 20643212 PMCID PMC3033450

    We have investigated non-invasive imaging of epileptiform activity in patients with medically intractable epilepsy by means of a cortical potential imaging (CPI) technique. Eight pediatric patients (1M/7F, ages 4-14 years) with intractable partial epilepsy were studied. Each patient had multiple (6...
  7. Compartment-model based quantification of beta-amyloid binding with Florbetaben PET inAlzheimer'sdisease and control subjects

    NeuroImage 52:0 (2010)

  8. Correlation between FEPPA uptake and microglia activation in 6-OHDA injured rat brain

    NeuroImage 52:0 (2010)

  9. Microglia activation in schizophrenia
    , Bossong, and

    NeuroImage 52:0 (2010)

  10. Dopamine transmission in comorbid schizophrenia and substance dependence

    NeuroImage 52:0 (2010)