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Fungal Genetics and Biology

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  1. From the Guest Editors
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    Fungal Genetics and Biology 2012

  2. Expressed sequence tags and genes associated with loline alkaloid expression by the fungal endophyte Neotyphodium uncinatum
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    Fungal Genetics and Biology 2012

    Loline alkaloids (LA), which are 1-aminopyrrolizidines with an oxygen bridge, are produced by Epichloe¨ (anamorph=Neotyphodium) species, endophytes of grasses. LA are insecticidal, thus, helping to protect host plants from insect herbivory. The objective of this study was to identify genes associate...
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    Fungal Genetics and Biology 2012

  4. A high-affinity ammonium transporter from the mycorrhizal ascomycete Tuber borchii
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    Fungal Genetics and Biology 2012

    An ammonium transporter cDNA, named TbAMT1, was isolated from the ectomycorrhizal ascomycetous truffle Tuber borchii. The polypeptide encoded by TbAMT1 (52kDa) functionally complements ammonium uptake-defective yeast mutants and shares sequence similarity with previously characterized ammonium transp...
  5. Crop-destroying fungal and oomycete pathogens challenge food security

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 74:62 (2015) PMID 25459533

    • Fungi and oomycetes challenge global food security. • Fungi and oomycetes are moving polewards in a warming world. •...
  6. Quantitative acoustic contrast tomography reveals unique multiscale physical fluctuations during aflatoxin synthesis in Aspergillus parasiti...

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 73:61 (2014) PMID 25312859

    We show that three-dimensional ultrasonic reflections upon decoding can render acoustic contrast tomographs that contain information on material property and morphology in the same time scale of one important phytopathogen, Aspergillus parasiticus, at multiple length scales. By quantitative analysis...
  7. Defining the genome-wide role of CRE1 during carbon catabolite repression in Trichoderma reesei using RNA-Seq analysis.

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 73:93 (2014) PMID 25459535

    We investigated CCR during the synthesis of cellulases, comparing the T. reesei Δcre1 mutant strain with its parental strain, QM9414. Of 9129 genes in the T. reesei genome, 268 genes were upregulated and 85 were downregulated in the presence of cellulose (Avicel). In addition, 251 genes were upregul...
  8. Light-mediated participation of the VIVID-like protein of Fusarium fujikuroi VvdA in pigmentation and development.

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 71:9 (2014) PMID 25154020

    We investigate the role of other blue-light photoreceptors. Here we describe the identification, regulation and targeted mutation of the F. fujikuroi gene vvdA, homologous of the Neurospora crassa vivid (vvd) gene. As found for vvd in N. crassa, expression of vvdA in F. fujikuroi is strongly stimula...
  9. The Aspergillus nidulans acuL gene encodes a mitochondrial carrier required for the utilization of carbon sources that are metabolized via t...

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 68:9 (2014) PMID 24835019

    We have identified as AN7287, and characterized in this study. Deletion of acuL resulted in the same phenotype as the original acuL217 mutant. acuL encodes a 322-amino acid protein which displays all the structural features of a mitochondrial membrane carrier, and shares 60% identity with the Saccha...
  10. The myosin motor domain-containing chitin synthase PdChsVII is required for development, cell wall integrity and virulence in the citrus pos...

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 67:58 (2014) PMID 24727399

    I to VII previously established, and support the grouping of these into three divisions. Disruption of the gene coding PdChsVII, which contains a short version of a myosin motor domain, has been achieved by using Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation and revealed its role in the life cyc...