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Fungal Genetics and Biology

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  1. Identification of pathogenicity-related genes in the rice pathogen Ustilaginoidea virens through random insertional mutagenesis

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 76:10 (2015) PMID 25636735

    • We systematically optimized and assessment ATMT for Ustilaginoidiea virens. • We established an available protocol for identification the genes through hiTAIL-PC...
  2. Aspergillus fumigatus mycovirus causes mild hypervirulent effect on pathogenicity when tested on Galleria mellonella

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 76:20 (2015) PMID 25626171

    • G. mellonella was used to test pathogenicity of mycovirus infected A. fumigatus. • Mycovirus infections altered the phenotype and growth of A. fumigatus. ...
  3. Function of small GTPase Rho3 in regulating growth, conidiation and virulence of Botrytis cinerea

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 75:46 (2015) PMID 25624070

    • Gene rho3 encoding small GTPase Rho3 was deleted in Botrytis cinerea. • Growth, conidiation, and appressorium formation are suppressed in Δrho3 mutants. ...
  4. Mitochondrial DNA inheritance in the human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus gattii

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 75:1 (2015) PMID 25577978

    • In C. gattii, there is a diversity of mtDNA inheritance patterns among the 14 crosses that we analyzed. • The inter-lineage crosses and intra-lineage crosses sho...
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    Fungal Genetics and Biology 75:IFC (2015)

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    Fungal Genetics and Biology 74:IFC (2015)

  7. Kinesin-3 in the basidiomycete Ustilago maydis transports organelles along the entire microtubule array

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 74:59 (2015) PMID 25459534

    • In the ascomycete fungi, kinesin-3 utilizes stable microtubules. • In the basidiomycete Ustilago maydis, kinesin-3 moves along all microtubules. ...
  8. HwHog1 kinase activity is crucial for survival of Hortaea werneckii in extremely hyperosmolar environments

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 74:45 (2015) PMID 25483129

    • Hortaea werneckii HOG pathway is robust and includes two redundant kinases HwHog1A/B. • HwHog1A/B activity is crucial for Hortaea colony growth at ⩾3.0M osmolyte...
  9. Genetic interactions among homologous recombination mutants in Candida albicans

    Fungal Genetics and Biology 74:10 (2015) PMID 25445312

    • rad52 and, to a lesser extent, rad51 deletants of C. albicans displayed slow growth and aberrant filamentous morphology. • We have constructed rad51 rad59, rad52...
  10. The newly nonsporulated characterization of an Aspergillus fumigatus isolate from an immunocompetent patient and its clinic indication

    Fungal Genetics and Biology (2014)

    • A1j is a white nonsporulating A. fumigatus clinical isolate. • The patient infected with A1j received a good prognosis. ...