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  1. [Proposal of an Italian national protocol of health surveillance for former asbestos workers: an ongoing project].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):68 (2016) PMID 26951736

    to define an Italian national protocol of post-occupational health surveillance for asbestos workers according to effectiveness, appropriateness, saving, and social utility. data for 1,071 former asbestos workers from several Italian Regions were collected and analysed. For these workers, a retr...
  2. [Polycyclic aromatic hidrocarbons deposition in the Milazzo-Valle del Mela (Sicily Region, Southern Italy) high-risk area following an oil refinery fire].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):16 (2016) PMID 26951697

    On September 2014, a fire began within an oil refinery involving a storage tank containing several hundreds of thousands cubic meters of virgin naphtha. Mayors of neighbouring municipalities asked the Epidemiology and Prevention Society "Giulio A. Maccacaro" to carry out an environmental survey ...
  3. [Italy 2015: 3 million Italians are living after a cancer diagnosis, both incidence and mortality are decreasing].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):75 (2016) PMID 26951706

  4. [ERRATA CORRIGE: Epidemiol Prev 2014;38(6) Suppl 1].
    Author(s) unavailable

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):76 (2016) PMID 26951708

    [This corrects the article Epidemiol Prev 2014;38(6) Suppl 1: 19].
  5. [COP21: a half success].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):14 (2016) PMID 26951695

  6. [Increased risk of mesothelioma and lung cancer among workers exposed to asbestos who could require an anticipated retirement].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):26 (2016) PMID 26951730

    to assess the association among malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) and lung cancer (LC) among workers who have been exposed to asbestos and have or not have required an anticipated leave from work, a possibility offered by the 1992 law banning asbestos in Italy, in the framework of the health ...
  7. [Use of regional health administrative databases to estimate the prevalence of mental disorders and health service utilization in a Local Health Unit of Tuscany Region (Central Italy)].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):65 (2016) PMID 26951704

    prevalence estimation of mental disorders and mental health services (SSM) utilization in 2011, using the administrative regional health databases (hospital discharge records, pharmaceutical prescriptions) and the Regional Database on Mental Health (SIRSM). descriptive population-based study. re...
  8. [HRCT and LDCT in workers exposed to asbestos: a review of the literature in view of the Helsinki Criteria].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):51 (2016) PMID 26951733

    In approaching the asbestos-related diseases with CT, both the malignant diseases and the non-malignant disease are to be considered. In the recent publication of the Helsinki Criteria research activities are encouraged in the field of lung cancer screening with low-dose CT (LDCT) in exposed wor...
  9. [A mass murder or mere statistical data? The 2015 surplus of deaths].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):9 (2016) PMID 26951693

  10. [Rare tumours: data are now available, politics has no more excuses].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):6 (2016) PMID 26951692

  11. [Lung cancer screening in high-risk subjects: early detection with LDCT and risk stratification using miRNA-based blood test].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):42 (2016) PMID 26951732

    Lung cancer still remains a high mortality disease in the face of developments in diagnostic and therapeutic methods that occurred in the last 20 years. The analysis of the experiences from the first studies - in which chest X-ray (CXR) was adopted, associated or not with sputum cytology - has f...
  12. [Health effects of air pollution in Rome in December 2015].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):29 (2016) PMID 26951699

    in December 2015 Rome has been interested by a peculiar meteorological situation, with atmospheric stability, no rain and little wind. These factors, coupled with the high pollutant emissions typical of the winter pre-Christmas period (increased use of private cars and domestic heating), caused ...
  13. [Impacts of geocoding quality in environmental epidemiology studies: two case-studies in Tuscany Region (Central Italy)].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):44 (2016) PMID 26951701

    Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are widely used in environmental epidemiology studies to locate study population by geocoding addresses and to evaluate exposures and relationship with health outcomes. Despite this, Italian environmental epidemiologists poorly discuss quality of address ge...
  14. [Risk of lung cancer in individuals with previous exposure to asbestos].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):20 (2016) PMID 26951729

    Asbestos-related lung cancer is an important and partly unrecognized public health problem. The present review summarizes the knowledge regarding some specific aspects of the association between asbestos and lung cancer. It is difficult to estimate the exact number of lung cancers in a populatio...
  15. [The National Asbestos Plan in Italy].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):12 (2016) PMID 26951727

  16. [EPICHANGE/1 Pollutants à la carte].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):15 (2016) PMID 26951696

  17. [Evaluation of a public health programme: direct Clopidogrel administration by cardiology units in acute myocardial infarction].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):51 (2016) PMID 26951702

    to compare the benefit of a personalised outpatient therapy prescribed upon discharge by the cardiology unit to the patients undergoing a percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stent or bare-metal stent vs. the usual practice. controlled, multicentre, non-randomized study that enro...
  18. [Epidemiological population-based cohort study on mortality and hospitalization in the area near the waste incinerator plant of San Zeno, Arezzo (Tuscany Region, Central Italy)].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):33 (2016) PMID 26951700

    to evaluate whether exposure to an urban waste incinerator plant operating in Arezzo (Tuscany Region, Central Italy) since the 2000 is associated with mortality and morbidity. a population-based cohort study of inhabitants living close to the incinerator in the period 2001-2010 was conducted. Th...
  19. [On the increase in mortality in Italy in 2015: analysis of seasonal mortality in the 32 municipalities included in the Surveillance system of daily mortality].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1):22 (2016) PMID 26951698

    the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) estimated an increase in mortality in Italy of 11.3% between January and August 2015 compared to the previous year. During summer 2015, an excess in mortality, attributed to heat waves, was observed. to estimate the excess mortality in 2015 us...
  20. [Molecular biomarkers and early diagnosis of lung cancer: state of knowledge and future perspectives].

    Epidemiologia e prevenzione 40(1 Suppl 1):56 (2016) PMID 26951734

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide and it would be essential to have effective tools to diagnose the disease in its early stages, to identify individuals at highest risk of developing the disease, and to set personalised therapies. The effectiveness of screening for lung ...