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Journal of Environmental Monitoring

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  1. Laboratory and field evaluation of a diffusive sampler for measuring halogenated anesthetic compounds.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1172 (2008) PMID 19244640

    Anesthetic gases such as desflurane, sevoflurane, isoflurane, enflurane, and halothane are used on a daily basis in operating theaters. Active sampling has historically been used to control the level of exposure to personnel. SKC 575-002 is a diffusive passive sampler filled with Anasorb 747. We...
  2. Performance of a newly designed continuous soot monitoring system (COSMOS).

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1195 (2008) PMID 19244643

    We designed a continuous soot monitoring system (COSMOS) for fully automated, high-sensitivity, continuous measurement of light absorption by black carbon (BC) aerosols. The instrument monitors changes in transmittance across an automatically advancing quartz fiber filter tape using an LED at a ...
  3. Determination of Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and V in diesel and biodiesel samples by ETV-ICP-MST.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1211 (2008) PMID 19244645

    This work presents the determination of Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and V in diesel and biodiesel samples by ETV-ICP MS using emulsion sample preparation. The emulsion composition was: 1.0 g of the diesel or biodiesel sample, 2.0 mL of a 5% m/v Triton X-100 solution, 0.5 mL of HNO3 and deionized water to...
  4. A chemical engineering viewpoint on the environment.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1125 (2008) PMID 18843387

  5. Estimating overall persistence and long-range transport potential of persistent organic pollutants: a comparison of seven multimedia mass balance models and atmospheric transport models.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1139 (2008) PMID 18843390

    Two different approaches to modeling the environmental fate of organic chemicals have been developed in recent years. The first approach is applied in multimedia box models, calculating average concentrations in homogeneous boxes which represent the different environmental media, based on interm...
  6. Mass and ionic composition of atmospheric fine particles over Belgium and their relation with gaseous air pollutants.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1148 (2008) PMID 19244638

    Mass, major ionic components (MICs) of PM2.5, and related gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO(x), NH3, HNO2, and HNO3) were monitored over six locations of different anthropogenic influence (industrial, urban, suburban, and rural) in Belgium. SO4(2-), NO3-, NH4+, and Na+ were the primary ions of PM2.5 w...
  7. Monitoring of lead load and its effect on neonatal behavioral neurological assessment scores in Guiyu, an electronic waste recycling town in China.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1233 (2008) PMID 19244648

    Guiyu is the major electronic waste (e-waste) recycling town in China. The primary purpose of this study was to measure the lead levels in neonates and examine the correlation between lead levels and neurobehavioral development. One hundred full-term neonates from Guiyu and fifty-two neonates fr...
  8. Exposure assessment by physiologic sampling pump--prediction of minute ventilation using a portable respiratory inductive plethysmograph system.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1179 (2008) PMID 19244641

    A study was conducted to evaluate a portable respiratory inductive plethysmograph (RIP) as a means to estimate minute ventilation (V(E)) for use in controlling the flow rate of a physiologic sampling pump (PSP). Specific aims were to: (1) evaluate the ability of the portable RIP system to measur...
  9. Determination of chromium in airborne particulate matter by inductively coupled plasma dynamic reaction cell mass spectrometry.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1217 (2008) PMID 19244646

    A modified three-stage microwave-assisted digestion protocol for chromium analysis in airborne total suspended particulate matter (TSP) with recovery > 90%, which utilizes inductively coupled plasma dynamic reaction cell mass spectrometry (ICP-DRC-MS), has been developed and validated. Similar r...
  10. The plutonium isotopic composition of marine biota on Enewetak Atoll: a preliminary assessment.

    Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10(10):1134 (2008) PMID 18843389

    We have determined the level and distribution of gamma-emitting radionuclides, plutonium activity concentrations, and 240Pu/239Pu atom ratios in tissue samples of giant clam (Tridacna gigas and Hippopus hippopus), a top snail (Trochus nilaticas) and sea cucumber (Holothuria atra) collected from ...