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Physical Review E

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  1. Heat-current correlation loss induced by finite-size effects in a one-dimensional nonlinear lattice.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012110 (2015) PMID 25679573

    We compared the values of the correlation function in a one-dimensional purely quartic lattice with various lengths, and found that this loss is much smaller than is conventionally estimated. By studying the heat diffusion process in this lattice, we found that, in contrast to the conventional belie...
  2. Explicit expression for the Stokes-Einstein relation for pure Lennard-Jones liquids.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012111 (2015) PMID 25679574

    An explicit expression of the Stokes-Einstein (SE) relation in molecular scale has been determined for pure Lennard-Jones (LJ) liquids on the saturated vapor line using a molecular dynamics calculation with the Green-Kubo formula, as Dη_{sv}=kTξ^{-1}(N/V)^{1/3}, where D is the self-diffusion coeffic...
  3. Diffusion in a potential landscape with stochastic resetting.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012113 (2015) PMID 25679576

    We show that there are different classes of nonequilibrium steady states depending on the nature of the potential. In the stable potential landscape, the system attains a well-defined steady state; however, the existence of the steady state for the unstable landscape is constrained. We have also inv...
  4. Fluctuation theorem for partially masked nonequilibrium dynamics.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012130 (2015) PMID 25679593

    We establish a generalization of the fluctuation theorem for partially masked nonequilibrium dynamics. We introduce a partial entropy production with a subset of all possible transitions, and show that the partial entropy production satisfies the integral fluctuation theorem. Our result reveals the...
  5. Block renormalization study on the nonequilibrium chiral Ising model.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012132 (2015) PMID 25679595

    We present a numerical study on the ordering dynamics of a one-dimensional nonequilibrium Ising spin system with chirality. This system is characterized by a direction-dependent spin update rule. Pairs of +- spins can flip to ++ or -- with probability (1-u) or to -+ with probability u while -+ pairs...
  6. Noise-induced switching and extinction in systems with delay.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012139 (2015) PMID 25679602

    We consider the rates of noise-induced switching between the stable states of dissipative dynamical systems with delay and also the rates of noise-induced extinction, where such systems model population dynamics. We study a class of systems where the evolution depends on the dynamical variables at a...
  7. Couplings between swelling and shear in saturated slit nanopores: A molecular simulation study.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012401 (2015) PMID 25679622

    We explore the behavior induced by solid walls moving at a constant velocity. Interestingly, when the wall velocity exceeds the swelling velocity, the instantaneous states of the system are no longer at equilibrium and the averaged pore width slightly increases with increasing shear rate....
  8. Adsorption of charged and neutral polymer chains on silica surfaces: The role of electrostatics, volume exclusion, and hydrogen bonding.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012601 (2015) PMID 25679636

    We develop an off-lattice (continuum) model to describe the adsorption of neutral polymer chains and polyelectrolytes to surfaces. Our continuum description allows taking excluded volume interactions between polymer chains and ions directly into account. To implement those interactions, we use a mod...
  9. Impact of heterogeneous activity and community structure on the evolutionary success of cooperators in social networks.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):012802 (2015) PMID 25679652

    We here consider the evolutionary prisoner's dilemma game taking place on top of a real social network to investigate how the community structure and the heterogeneity in activity of individuals affect the evolution of cooperation. In particular, we account for a variation of the birth-death process...
  10. Extraction of macroscopic and microscopic adjoint concepts using a lattice Boltzmann method and discrete adjoint approach.

    Physical Review E 91(1-1):013303 (2015) PMID 25679735

    We tried to improve the performance of the lattice Boltzmann (LB) -based adjoint approach by utilizing the mesoscopic inherent of the LB method. In this regard, two macroscopic discrete adjoint (MADA) and microscopic discrete adjoint (MIDA) approaches are used to answer the following two challenging...