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Physical Review E

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  1. Aging processes in systems with anomalous slow dynamics.

    Physical Review E 87(1-1):012114 (2013) PMID 23410290

    We here study two simple driven systems-the one-dimensional ABC model and a related domain model with simplified dynamics-that are known to exhibit anomalous slow relaxation where the asymptotic logarithmic growth regime is readily accessible. Studying two-times correlation and response functions, w...
  2. Equilibration and thermalization of the dissipative quantum harmonic oscillator in a nonthermal environment.

    Physical Review E 87(1-1):012127 (2013) PMID 23410303

    We study the dissipative quantum harmonic oscillator with general nonthermal preparations of the harmonic oscillator bath. The focus is on equilibration of the oscillator in the long-time limit and the additional requirements for thermalization. Our study is based on the exact solution of the micros...
  3. Atomic force microscopy study of surface topography of films of cholesteric oligomer- and polymer-based mixtures with photovariable helix pi...

    Physical Review E 87(1-1):012503 (2013) PMID 23410345

    The surface topography of glass-forming polymers and oligomer cholesteric systems with a phototunable helix pitch was studied. For this purpose several mixtures based on nematic polyacrylate and cholesteric cyclosiloxanes doped with chiral-photochromic dopant were prepared and invest...
  4. Improved contact prediction in proteins: Using pseudolikelihoods to infer Potts models.

    Physical Review E 87(1-1):012707 (2013) PMID 23410359

    We show that the pseudolikelihood method, applied to 21-state Potts models describing the statistical properties of families of evolutionarily related proteins, significantly outperforms existing approaches to the direct-coupling analysis, the latter being based on standard mean-field techniques. Th...
  5. Stochastic dynamics of dengue epidemics.

    Physical Review E 87(1-1):012709 (2013) PMID 23410361

    We use a stochastic Markovian dynamics approach to describe the spreading of vector-transmitted diseases, such as dengue, and the threshold of the disease. The coexistence space is composed of two structures representing the human and mosquito populations. The human population follows a susceptible-...
  6. Universality of flux-fluctuation law in complex dynamical systems.

    Physical Review E 87(1-1):012808 (2013) PMID 23410389

    We establish the universality of this flux-fluctuation law through the following steps: (i) We derive the law in a more general setting, showing that it depends on a single parameter characterizing the external driving; (ii) we conduct extensive numerical computations using distinct external driving...
  7. Effect of network structure on phase transitions in queuing networks.

    Physical Review E 86(6 Pt 2):066111 (2012) PMID 23368008

    We also study phase transition in transportation networks using a discrete time random walk model. Our aim is to establish a direct connection between the structure of an uncorrelated random graph with quenched disorder and the value of the critical traffic load. We show that if the network is dense...
  8. Scaling behavior of the earthquake intertime distribution: influence of large shocks and time scales in the Omori law.

    Physical Review E 86(6 Pt 2):066119 (2012) PMID 23368016

    We present a study of the earthquake intertime distribution D(Δt) for a California catalog in temporal periods of short duration T. We compare experimental results with theoretical predictions and analytical approximate solutions. For the majority of intervals, rescaling intertimes by the average ra...
  9. Nonsymmetric laser-pulse propagation in capillary tubes with variable radius.

    Physical Review E 86(6 Pt 2):066411 (2012) PMID 23368063

    A model describing the nonsymmetrical laser-pulse propagation in capillary tubes with inner radius smoothly varying with the capillary length is proposed. Using this model, the use of capillaries with specially profiled entrance sections (particularly cone matching elements) for improving the coupli...
  10. Direct molecular dynamics simulation of liquid-solid phase equilibria for a three-component plasma.

    Physical Review E 86(6 Pt 2):066413 (2012) PMID 23368065

    We perform molecular dynamics simulations to determine the influence of ²²Ne in carbon-oxygen-neon systems on liquid-solid phase equilibria. Both liquid and solid phases are present simultaneously in our simulation volumes. We identify liquid, solid, and interface regions in our simulations using a...