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  1. Molecular imaging in the framework of personalized cancer medicine.

    IMAJ 15(11):665 (2013) PMID 24511645

    With our increased understanding of cancer cell biology, molecular imaging offers a strategic bridge to oncology. This complements anatomic imaging, particularly magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, which is sensitive but not specific. Among the potential harms of false positive findings is lowered adhe...
  2. "Body packers" in Israel: a case series.

    IMAJ 15(10):639 (2013) PMID 24266092

    We conducted a retrospective case series of body packers hospitalized between January 2010 and October 2012 in our medical center. Electronic medical records and imaging files were reviewed to extract clinical, laboratory and radiological data as well as details on medical treatments. We identified...
  3. Re: Paraparesis and rhabdomyolysis.

    IMAJ 15(10):658 (2013) PMID 24266100

  4. Do ventricular arrhythmias in athletes subside over time?

    IMAJ 15(9):485 (2013) PMID 24340838

    We identified 192 athletes (35 years old who had ventricular arrhythmias during an exercise test. Ninety athletes had > or =3 ventricular premature beats (VPB) (group A) and 102 athletes had ventricular couplets or non-sustained ventricular tachycardia during an exercise test (group B). A control gr...
  5. Placebo for a single night improves sleep in patients with objective insomnia.

    IMAJ 15(8):434 (2013) PMID 24079065

    We assessed 25 patients with insomnia who were enrolled in a hypnotic study but prior to the study were asked to undergo two full nights in laboratory polysomnography studies: with and without a placebo. Although they were not explicitly told that they were receiving a placebo, the participants knew...
  6. Arteriovenous fistula after cardiac catheterization from a radial approach.

    IMAJ 15(6):313 (2013) PMID 23882900

  7. Superior mesenteric artery syndrome: a forgotten entity.

    IMAJ 15(4):189 (2013) PMID 23781757

  8. N2010 adult-onset Still's disease complicated by hemophagocytic syndrome and catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome resulting in four limb a...

    IMAJ 15(4):192 (2013) PMID 23781758

  9. Unnecessary full-thickness skin grafting for routine circumcision: when ignorance is far from bliss.

    IMAJ 15(1):51 (2013) PMID 23484242

  10. In remembrance of the victims of Nazi medicine Nuremberg, May 2012.
    Author(s) unavailable

    IMAJ 14(9):529 (2012) PMID 23101411