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International maritime health

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  1. Social security for seafarers globally.

    International maritime health 64(1):30 (2013) PMID 23788163

    The social security protection is one of the essential elements of decent work. The issue is complexand no previous epidemiological studies of the coverage among the seafarers have yet been performed. The aim was to overcome the gap of knowledge to promote the further discussion and plan the impleme...
  2. Awareness of health risks at the workplace and of risks of contracting communicable diseases including those related to food hygiene, among ...

    International maritime health 63(1):24 (2012) PMID 22669809

    The awareness of health risks on board ships in terms of knowledge of dangers and discomfort at the workplace, and of risks of contracting communicable diseases including those related to food hygiene was assessed in a sample of workers of an Italian shipping company. Analysis was performed on crew...
  3. Global partnership on HIV and mobile workers in the maritime sector.

    International maritime health 62(4):189 (2010) PMID 21348011

  4. Guidance to the International Medical Guide for Ships 3(rd) edition: interim advice regarding the best use of the medical chest for ocean-go...

    International maritime health 60(1-2):51 (2009) PMID 20205130

  5. Mortality from disease among fishermen employed in the UK fishing industry from 1948 to 2005.

    International maritime health 58(1-4):15 (2007) PMID 18350973

    Although commercial fishing has become established as the most hazardous occupation in Western countries, relatively little has been reported on mortality from disease among fishermen. To investigate the causes of work-related mortality from disease in the UK fishing industry from 1948 to 2005, tren...
  6. Telemedicine--education and practice.

    International maritime health 57(1-4):235 (2006) PMID 17312711

    We are observing in the last decade. Therefore, there is a need for cooperation between doctors and engineers in the fields of research, education and in offering medical services. Interdisciplinary character of telemedicine requires cooperation especially between medical and technical universities....
  7. Assessment of clinical course and outcome of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Angola diagnosed by microscopic and molecular methods.

    International maritime health 55(1-4):75 (2004) PMID 15881545

    We assessed the efficacy of treatment in falciparum malaria based on clinical, microscopic and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) examination, and estimated the prevalence of mutations in the pfcrt gene in the P. falciparum isolates from chloroquine-treated patients. In 159 (95%) patients P. falciparum...
  8. Delayed treatment of bubble related illness in diving--review of standard protocol.

    International maritime health 55(1-4):103 (2004) PMID 15881547

    The basic treatment of diver with bubble related illness consists of recompression in medical hyperbaric facility. However transportation of injured diver to hyperbaric chamber can last for several hours. During that time the process induced by gas bubbles spread out and finally result in activation...
  9. Response to letter to the editor by Westerweel et al., entitled 'aspirin in the treatment of decompression sickness: what can we learn from ...

    International maritime health 64(3):175 (2013) PMID 24072546

  10. Mapping the knowledge base for maritime health: 1 historical perspective.

    International maritime health 62(4):210 (2011) PMID 22544495

    There have been major developments in the understanding of disease and its treatment in the last 150 years. The development of the knowledge base on patterns of disease and injury in seafarers and on the effectiveness of intervention to prevent and treat them indicates the sorts of information tha...