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Marine Science

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  1. The oceanography and ecology of the Ross Sea.

    Marine Science 6:469 (2014) PMID 23987914

    The continental shelf of the Ross Sea exhibits substantial variations in physical forcing, ice cover, and biological processes on a variety of time and space scales. Its circulation is characterized by advective inputs from the east and exchanges with off-shelf regions via the troughs along the nort...
  2. Marine microgels.

    Marine Science 4:375 (2012) PMID 22457980

    The ocean plays a critical role in global carbon cycling: it handles half of the global primary production, yielding the world's largest stock of reduced organic carbon (ROC) that supports one of the world's largest biomasses. However, the mechanisms whereby ROC becomes mineralized r...
  3. Emerging topics in marine methane biogeochemistry.

    Marine Science 3:147 (2011) PMID 21329202

  4. The oligotrophic ocean is autotrophic.

    Marine Science 5:535 (2013) PMID 22809190

    We find that (a) no bias in in situ oxygen-based production estimates would give false-positive (net autotrophy) rates, (b) observed (13)C enrichment of surface water dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) can be explained only by positive NCP (net autotrophy), (c) lateral and vertical inputs of organic c...
  5. The effect of submarine groundwater discharge on the ocean.

    Marine Science 2:59 (2010) PMID 21141658

  6. The oceanic vertical pump induced by mesoscale and submesoscale turbulence.

    Marine Science 1:351 (2009) PMID 21141041

    We review here by focusing on the significant advances that have been achieved and the remaining issues and uncertainties. The main question that emerges concerns the importance of the submesoscales (10 km in the horizontal) in these vertical exchanges. Independently, in the past decade, fluid dynam...
  7. Contemporary sea level rise.

    Marine Science 2:145 (2010) PMID 21141661

  8. Advances in estuarine physics.

    Marine Science 2:35 (2010) PMID 21141657

    We focus on well- and partially mixed systems that are long relative to the tidal excursion. Dynamics of the coupled system of width- and tidally averaged momentum and salt equations are now better understood owing to the development of simple numerical solution techniques. These have led to a great...
  9. Microbial nitrogen cycling processes in oxygen minimum zones.

    Marine Science 3:317 (2011) PMID 21329208

  10. Advances in quantifying air-sea gas exchange and environmental forcing.

    Marine Science 1:213 (2009) PMID 21141036

    We show how the use of global variables of environmental forcing that have recently become available and gas exchange relationships that incorporate the main forcing factors will lead to improved estimates of global and regional air-sea gas fluxes based on better fundamental physical, chemical, and...