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  1. Treatment of pulmonary abscesses and chronic pulmonary suppurations with oxytetracycline. FAU - HELMER, F

    Antibiotics annual 6:437 (1958) PMID 13637780

  2. An unusual contact lens complication.

    American Journal of Ophthalmology 55:1057 (1963) PMID 13935434

  3. [Experimental technical notes on so-called "everting sutures" of the duodenal stump and of the small intestine]. FAU - Picardi, N

    Annali italiani di chirurgia 48(3-4):289 (1973) PMID 4620543

  4. [Multiple lymphogenic retropharyngeal abscesses as a complication of cervical furuncle]. FAU - CORDES, C

    HNO 4(4):117 (1953) PMID 13162296

  5. [Abscessed myocardial infarct. Report of a case and review of the literature].

    Archivos de la Fundacion Roux-Ocefa 9:82 (1975) PMID 1236223

  6. The painfulheel in adolescence.

    British Journal of Surgery 50:327 (1962) PMID 14028952

  7. [Two cases of otogenous cerebellar abscess]. FAU - GATTI, A

    Bollettino - Societa medico chirurgica Cremona 10(3):17 (1955) PMID 13329265

  8. [Death caused by air embolism (?) after incision of a peritonsillar abscess]. FAU - HOVELMANN, H

    HNO 4(6):187 (1953) PMID 13191702

  9. [Manifestations of the instability of nerve endings in encephalon of a teleost]. FAU - WEBER, A

    Archives d'anatomie, d'histologie et d'embryolo... 34(1-8):445 (1951) PMID 14953403

  10. Mycotic keratitis due to Beauveria alba.

    Cornea 3(3):213 (1984) PMID 6100486

    A 70-year-old white man developed mycotic keratitis following phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation. Extensive therapeutic surgery was necessary to control the infection. Beauveria alba, a saprophytic fungus, was cultured and demonstrated in the corneal button by histopathologic exam...