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  1. E-business solutions in the mobile advertisement

    International Journal of Business and Systems R... 5(5):475 (2011)

    This paper aims at developing implementable e-business solutions to accelerate the adoption of information systems in the m-advertising industry. First, an e-business integrated customer chain model was developed for the m-advertising industry. A list of implementable e-business solutions was develop...
  2. Brand positioning in the medical tourism industry: a brand personality perspective

    International Journal of Behavioural and Health... 2(1):20 (2010)

    This research extends the conceptualisation and measurement of brand personality to the medical tourism industry. It is the first study to apply Aaker's (1997) brand personality dimensions to analyse the brand positioning strategies being used in medical tourism advertisements. A content analysis is...
  3. Exploring the degree of commercialisation associated with sports marketing activities

    International Journal of Services and Operation... 11(2):170 (2012)

    The purpose of this paper is to provide practitioners of management and interested researchers insights to the degree of commercialisation in sports and how advertisement has evolved to become a major force in the sports entertainment field though corporate sponsorship and commercialised of athletes....
  4. Customer relationships, information technology and concerns for violence in video-gaming materials

    International Journal of Management in Education 4(3):233 (2010)

    As technology increases customer's abilities to play video games almost anywhere, from laptops, telephones, to PDAs, the number of video-gaming titles has grown exponentially and, some have suggested, with little regulation as to violence content. As computer graphics become more pronounced and reali...
  5. Novice founders and re-starters in Japanese business society

    International Journal of Business and Globalisa... 5(3):304 (2010)

    We divide the 941 new Japanese entrepreneurs into 'novice founders' and 're-starters' in business, and compare the effects of their comparative advantages on economic performance. When observing the actual sales and the liquidity constraints at start-up, re-starters do not always suffer a disadvantag...
  6. Behind a painted smile: gendered aesthetics and emotional labour

    International Journal of Work Organisation and ... 3(1):65 (2009)

    This paper is based on a talk given at a British Academy of Management research seminar on Gender and Emotions in May 2008. It focuses on the relationship between gender, aesthetics and emotion with reference to the process of abjection, and illustrates the argument with reference to advertisements a...
  7. Consumers and teleworking advertisements in spam e–mail

    International Journal of Electronic Marketing a... 5(1):48 (2012)

    The internet facilitates telework opportunities. This study analyses variables associated with opening/reading and also purchasing from spam e–mail advertising telework. Variables analysed as possible predictors included personal demographic variables, internet characteristics variables, psychologi...
  8. Detecting browser fingerprint evolution for identifying unique users

    International Journal of Electronic Business 10(2):120 (2012)

    Unique user identification is a key task within the web analytics data collection process, useful for measuring advertising campaigns effectiveness. The fingerprinting technique consists in tracking user activity on a set of sites by capturing technical information about the browser and the machine t...
  9. The impact of product attributes and promotion on credit card subscription decisions: an empirical study

    International Journal of Modelling in Operation... 2(2):204 (2012)

    The paper aimed to examine the impact of product attributes and promotion efforts on the choice of credit cards in intense competition. It is important to stress that this paper focuses on the techniques and methodology used in drawing discussion and conclusions. The empirical study involved a survey...
  10. Effect of demand boosting policy on optimal inventory policy with backorder in fuzzy environment under the effect of learning

    International Journal of Procurement Management 5(2):178 (2012)

    We obtained equivalent crisp expression by applying signed distance method. In place of complex and tedious method of calculus a closed form solution is obtained by using algebraic method. A numerical example is presented to study the feasibility and applicability of the proposed model....