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Catechols 3 articles

  1. Biodegradation of the mixtures of 4-chlorophenol and phenol by Comamonas testosteroni CPW301.

    Biodegradation 7(6):463 (1996) PMID 9188195

    A 4-chlorophenol (4-CP)-degrading bacterium, strain CPW301, was isolated from soil and identified as Comamonas testosteroni. This strain dechlorinated and degraded 4-CP via a meta-cleavage pathway. CPW301 could also utilize phenol as a carbon and energy source without the accumulation of any metabol...
  2. Metabolism of curcumin--studies with [3H]curcumin.

    Toxicology 22(4):337 (1981) PMID 7342372

    Radioactivity was detectable in blood, liver and kidney following dosage with 400, 80 or 10 mg of [3H]curcumin. The major route of elimination of the label was the feces; the urinary excretion of the label was very low regardless of the dose. At the lower doses of 80 mg and 10 mg of [3H]-curcumin, m...