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Counseling 89 articles

  1. Rust v. Sullivan: triumph of the right over reason. FAU - Call, Ellen Cox

    Journal of Family Law 31(1):123 (1992) PMID 11656449

  2. Medical and psychotherapy privileges and confidentiality: on giving with one hand and removing with the other. FAU - Smith, Steven R

    Kentucky Law Journal 75(3):473 (1986) PMID 11651896

  3. Abortion--provisions of the Michigan Public Health Code which require facilities performing first trimester abortions to provide abortion c...

    Journal of Family Law 23(4):619 (1984) PMID 11655805

  4. Chronic illness and the temporal structure of human life. FAU - Douard, John

    Business and Professional Ethics Journal 9(3 and 4):161 (1990) PMID 11651034

  5. Counselling in a hospital-based newborn screening service.

    Patient Counselling and Health Education 2(2):80 (1980) PMID 10248155

    We are to have high quality newborn services in this area it may be incumbent on hospital-based health professionals to designate this as a required component of adequate hospital-based services for newborn infants rather than relinquishing the initiative to centralized health planners and legislato...
  6. A government supported family planning program: its development and evaluation.

    Journal of the American Medical Association 230(5):709 (1974) PMID 12276437

  7. Cross-cultural re-entry for missionaries: a new application for the Dual Process Model.

    Omega: Journal of Death and Dying 62(4):329 (2010) PMID 21661538

    Nearly half a million foreign aid workers currently work worldwide, including over 140,000 missionaries. During re-entry these workers may experience significant psychological distress. This article positions previous research about psychological distress during re-entry, emphasizing...
  8. The use of the Internet for counseling the suicidal individual: possibilities and drawbacks.

    Omega 58(3):233 (2008) PMID 19320294

    The role of the Internet in facilitating and preventing suicide is reviewed. Two online suicide prevention programs are described: SAHAR in Israel and Befrienders worldwide. Examples are provided of crisis intervention by e-mail. Finally, some caveats are presented based on experienc...
  9. HIV testing issues: the context for public health decision making. FAU - Gebbie, Kristine M

    AIDS & Public Policy Journal 2(4):31 (1987) PMID 11650010

  10. Canadian ethnographic study of sources and definitions of theological reflection in pastoral care and counseling.

    Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 62(1-2):113 (2008) PMID 18572545