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Counseling 89 articles

  1. A fairy tale with a twist: pastoral counseling with adoptive families.

    Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 59(1-2):63 (2005) PMID 15943146

  2. AIDS vaccines: the ethical and societal issues. FAU - Mirken, B

    BETA 14(2):41 (2001) PMID 11785484

  3. The range of applicability of psychoanalytic technique. FAU - Gill, M

    International journal of psychoanalytic psychot... 10:109 (1984) PMID 6511180

  4. Psychological factors: counseling and motivation of the contraceptive patient.

    International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 16(6):568 (1978) PMID 39829

    The stronger the desire to avoid conception, the more effective the contracepting. But motivation alone will not ensure success. Knowledge of all aspects of contraception is a prerequisite for optimal decision making, and such information and counseling should be readily available to all persons of...
  5. Canadian ethnographic study of sources and definitions of theological reflection in pastoral care and counseling.

    Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 62(1-2):113 (2008) PMID 18572545

  6. Responding to the need behind the question "Doctor, if this were your child, what would you do?".

    Journal of Clinical Ethics 14(1-2):71 (2003) PMID 14628810

  7. Current nursing practice in dialysis care: a summary.

    Journal of dialysis 1(2):181 (1976) PMID 1052293

    The provision of comprehensive care to patients requiring maintenance hemodialysis has developed into a complex multidisciplinary effort involving nurses at all levels. Nephrology nursing has evolved over 15 years into a model of so-called "expanded practice," i.e., one in which technical expertise...
  8. Deaf clients' perceptions of counseling expertise as a function of counselors' signing skill, gender, and therapy type.

    American Annals of the Deaf 150(5):408 (2005) PMID 16610473

    The study examined deaf clients' perceptions of counseling expertise as a function of several counseling variables: counselor's signing skill, gender, and therapy type. Twenty undergraduate students at a special college for the deaf who were enrolled in either counseling courses or psychology course...
  9. Promoting adjustment among women with breast cancer and their partners: a program of research.

    The Journal of the New York State Nurses' Assoc... 32(2):19 (2001) PMID 16052904

    A three-phase program of research consisted of: (1) data collection at eight data points across one year on predictors and outcomes of adjustment among 128 women diagnosed with breast cancer and 121 partners; (2) development of phase-specific interventions: standardized education by videotape (SE),...
  10. Coaching the nursing and midwifery teams.

    Australian Nursing Journal 18(6):56 (2010) PMID 21247035