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  1. Score-based immunoglobulin G therapy of patients with sepsis: the SBITS study.

    Critical Care Medicine 35(12):2693 (2007) PMID 18090384

    In patients with score-defined severe sepsis, ivIgG with a total dose of 0.9 g/kg body weight does not reduce mortality....
  2. The role of cell motility in prostate cancer.

    Cancer and Metastasis Reviews 17(4):449 (1998) PMID 10453290

    We conclude that the appearance or disappearance of motility-related molecules could be used to aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of human prostate cancer....
  3. Levels of soluble adhesion molecules and cytokines in patients with septic multiple organ failure.

    Journal of Inflammation (London, England) 46(4):212 (1995) PMID 8878795

    We investigated the plasma levels of inflammatory cytokine activating neutrophils, soluble adhesive molecules, and endotoxin in 8 patients with septic MOF, 15 patients with sepsis but without MOF, and in 5 patients with MOF unrelated infection. The soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (sICAM-1)...
  4. Amelogenins promote an alternatively activated macrophage phenotype in vitro

    International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials 3(3):282 (2011)

    Amelogenins are extracellular matrix proteins used for the topical treatment of chronically inflamed tissues. The influence of amelogenins on human monocyte-derived macrophages was studied by measuring the concentrations of cytokines in culture supernatants. The interactions of cells and protein aggr...
  5. Mood and cancer. FAU - Allen-Mersh, T G

    Transactions of the Medical Society of London 115:16 (1998) PMID 11288660

  6. Strategies for study of neuroprotection from cold-preconditioning.

    Journal of Visualized Experiments (43) (2010) PMID 20834222

  7. Role of toll-like receptors 2 and 4, and the receptor for advanced glycation end products in high-mobility group box 1-induced inflammation ...

    Shock 31(3):280 (2009) PMID 18665043

    We first performed a time-series experiment with wild-type (Wt) mice. High-mobility group box 1 induced time-dependent elevations of TNF-alpha, IL-6, monocyte chemoattractant protein 1, and thrombin-antithrombin complex levels in peritoneal lavage fluid and plasma. This inflammatory reaction was acc...
  8. Mycobacterial glycolipid cord factor trehalose 6,6'-dimycolate causes a decrease in serum cortisol during the granulomatous response.

    Neuroimmunomodulation 10(5):270 (2002) PMID 12759564 PMCID 2556037

    Serum cortisol levels were evaluated in mice following intravenous administration of purified mycobacterial glycolipid trehalose 6,6'-dimycolate (TDM). C57BL/6 mice develop lung granulomas in response to TDM, while A/J mice are deficient in this process. Administration of TDM to C57BL/6 mice led to...
  9. Cytokine gene expression in immune mice reinfected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae: The role of T cell subsets in aggravating the inflammatory re...

    Immunobiology 196(5):13 (1997) PMID 9145334

    Cytokine gene expression was examined by qualitative and semiquantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) in the lungs of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infected immune C57BL/6 mice depleted of either CD4+, CD8+ or both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. Immediately after M. pneumoniae reinfecti...
  10. The role of cytokines in autoimmunity.

    Biotechnology therapeutics 1(4):361 (1989) PMID 2562657