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  1. The comparison of vertical height and width of maxillary sinus by means of Waters' view radiograms taken from dentate and edentulous cases.

    Annals of Dentistry 54(1-2):47 (1995) PMID 8572547

    In the present study the vertical height and width of the maxillary sinus were measured by means of standardized Waters' view radiographs taken from 30 dentate and 30 edentulous subjects. All patients were healthy and were in the same age group of 35 to 40 years. Male and female ratios were equal in...
  2. What skeletal and dental characteristics do TMD patients have in common?

    The Functional orthodontist 24(1):24 (2007) PMID 17402385

  3. The four dimensions of orthodontic diagnosis--part 1.

    The Functional orthodontist 23(1):4 (2006) PMID 16776005

    This article discusses the three usual dimensions of diagnosis - transverse, vertical, and the anterior-posterior position of the maxilla and mandible and the important fourth dimension - condylar position. Also discussed is how the proper diagnosis and treatment of these dimensions lead to: The Sev...
  4. "Space analysis in the mixed dentition". FAU - Round, B J

    Georgetown dental journal 37(2):15 (1971) PMID 5293653