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Fibroblast Growth Factors 866 articles

  1. Changes in retinoic acid signaling alter otic patterning.

    Development 134(13):2449 (2007) PMID 17522161

    We elucidate the mechanisms that underlie these changes and show that they have origins in different tissues. Excess RA leads to ectopic foxi1 expression throughout the entire preplacodal domain. Foxi1 provides competence to adopt an otic fate. Subsequently, pax8, the expression of which depends upo...
  2. Basic fibroblast growth factor promotes melanocyte migration via increased expression of p125(FAK) on melanocytes.

    Acta Dermato Venereologica 86(6):498 (2006) PMID 17106595

    We have demonstrated that narrow-band ultraviolet B (UVB) irradiation stimulated cultured keratinocytes to release a significant amount of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). Furthermore, narrow-band UVB enhanced migration of melanocytes via increased expression of phosphorylated focal adhesion k...
  3. Activation of epiblast gene expression by the hypoblast layer in the prestreak chick embryo.

    Genesis 30(4):264 (2001) PMID 11536433

  4. Which factors stimulate lens fiber cell differentiation in vivo?

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 40(13):3075 (1999) PMID 10586926

  5. Expression of Fgf4 during early development of the chick embryo.

    Mechanisms of Development 85(1-2):189 (1999) PMID 10415361

    We have therefore examined expression of endogenous Fgf4 mRNA in the developing chick embryo at stages when these processes are occurring. Expression was detected in the primitive streak from the onset of gastrulation. Notably, transient expression of transcripts was found in head process cells at t...
  6. Effects of activated macrophages and fibroblast growth factor on random skin flap survival in swine.

    Laryngoscope 109(7 Pt 1):1156 (1999) PMID 10401860

    The cellular and biochemical events following creation of a surgical wound are complex and incompletely understood. Our attempt to augment the natural role of the macrophage in wound healing by employing cytokines to activate these cells and to accelerate their arrival by implanting them into the wo...
  7. Initiation of mammalian liver development from endoderm by fibroblast growth factors.

    Science 284(5422):1998 (1999) PMID 10373120

  8. Autocrine and paracrine actions of intestinal fibroblast-derived insulin-like growth factors.

    American Journal of Physiology -- Legacy Content 276(4 Pt 1):G817 (1999) PMID 10198323

    We conclude that IGF-II is a potent autocrine mitogen for intestinal fibroblasts. IGF-II interacts with other fibroblast-derived growth factors and ECM to stimulate proliferation of intestinal epithelial cells in a paracrine manner....
  9. Comparative analysis of Otx2, Gbx2, Pax2, Fgf8 and Wnt1 gene expressions during the formation of the chick midbrain/hindbrain domain.

    Mechanisms of Development 81(1-2):175 (1999) PMID 10330495

    We propose a new nomenclature to differentiate the vesicles and constrictions observed in the avian MH domain at stage HH10 and HH20, based on the localization of the Gbx2/Otx2 common boundary....
  10. Conserved regulation of mesenchymal gene expression by Fgf-8 in face and limb development.

    Development 126(2):221 (1999) PMID 9847236

    We show that in common with both these Lim genes, Clim-2 expression is regulated by signals from overlying epithelium. In both the developing face and the limb buds we identify Fgf-8 as the likely candidate signalling molecule that regulates Clim-2 expression. We show that in the mandibular arch, as...