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Gestalt Therapy 8 articles

  1. Applying an empty-chair monologue paradigm to examine unresolved grief.

    Psychiatry (Edgmont (Pa. : Township)) 61(4):279 (1998) PMID 9919623

    In this study the Gestalt empty-chair technique was applied in a research context to assess unresolved grief and its relation to later adjustment. Bereaved individuals who experienced the death of a spouse on average 6 months ago participated in an empty-chair monologue task in which they were instr...
  2. Gestalt techniques in a therapeutic community for the treatment of addicts.

    Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 16(1):43 (1984) PMID 6726500

  3. The basics of therapy. The other side of the coin.

    Nursing Times 85(49):36 (1989) PMID 2608506

  4. Gestalt and psychoanalytic therapies: structural analysis and rapprochement.

    American Journal of Psychotherapy 34(4):534 (1980) PMID 7446800

    This paper examines the psychoanalytic concepts of interpretation, resistance, and transference as manifest in gestalt therapy. Although these concepts are de-emphasized, criticized, and disavowed in gestalt theoretical writings, they are actually fundamental to the underlying or "deep" structure of...
  5. Task analysis exemplified: the process of resolving unfinished business.

    Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 64(3):439 (1996) PMID 8698935

    The steps of a task-analytic research program designed to identify the in-session performances involved in resolving lingering bad feelings toward a significant other are described. A rational-empirical methodology of repeatedly cycling between rational conjecture and empirical observations is demon...
  6. Behavior, affect, and cognition among psychogenic pain patients in group expressive psychotherapy.

    Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 5(4):241 (1990) PMID 2384704

    In an exploratory study, the authors examined the cognitions, affect, and behaviors reported by eight female depressed chronic pain patients during experiential therapy sessions that focused on anger and depression. Subjects appeared to fit previously developed psychologic profiles of patients with...
  7. Godot and Gestalt: the meaning of meaninglessness.

    American Journal of Psychoanalysis 49(3):267 (1989) PMID 2817145

  8. "Gestalt" therapy in blushing and sweating.

    Acta Neurochirurgica 74(3-4):154 (1985) PMID 3984795