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Heterocyclic Compounds, 2-Ring 22 articles

  1. CNS effects of a series of 1,2,4-triazolyl heterocarboxylic derivatives.

    Pharmazie 53(7):477 (1998) PMID 9699225

    A series of 1,2,4-triazolyl heterocarboxylic derivatives were tested for acute toxicity and CNS effects in mice. Several of these compounds demonstrated clear psychostimulant effects. Other components of the series, however, showed a definite central depressant activity. Some of the screened derivat...
  2. Cinnoline derivatives as chemotherapeutic agents for Trypanosoma congolense infections.

    Nature 161(4094):603 (1948) PMID 18916829

  3. Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of phenylenebis(methylene)-linked bis-azamacrocycles that inhibit HIV-1 and HIV-2 replication...

    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 42(19):3971 (1999) PMID 10508445

    We synthesized a series of analogues in which the ring size of the bis-pyridyl macrocycles was varied between 12 and 16 members per ring including the py[iso-14]aneN(4) ring system, an isomer of the py[14]aneN(4) macrocycle. The p-phenylenebis(methylene)-linked dimer of the py[iso-14]aneN(4) (AMD332...
  4. Enantioselective oxidative biaryl coupling reactions catalyzed by 1,5-diazadecalin metal complexes.

    Organic Letters 3(8):1137 (2001) PMID 11348178

  5. A versatile synthesis of diverse 3,4-fused cinnolines via the base-catalysed condensation of 2-amino-2'-nitrobiaryls.

    Chemical Communications (London) (24):2506 (2007) PMID 17563811

    Benzo[c]cinnolines, thieno[3,2-c]cinnolines, pyrido[3,2-c]cinnolines and the previously undescribed quinoxalino[6,7-c]cinnoline ring system are conveniently prepared by a short synthetic route comprised of Suzuki coupling, base-catalysed cyclisation and deoxygenation. The use of tandem borylation-Su...
  6. Total synthesis of the marine alkaloids (-)-lepadins a, b, and c based on stereocontrolled intramolecular acylnitroso-Diels-Alder reaction.

    Journal of Organic Chemistry 66(10):3338 (2001) PMID 11348115

    The first syntheses of (-)-lepadins A and C, as well as a new synthesis of (-)-lepadin B, have been achieved from commercially available (S)-malic acid. The methodology is based on an intramolecular hetero-Diels--Alder reaction of the acylnitroso compound, affording the bicyclic oxazino lactam with...
  7. Inhibition of heterocyclic amine formation in beef patties by ethanolic extracts of rosemary.

    Journal of Food Science 75(2):T40 (2010) PMID 20492265

    Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) are mutagenic compounds formed during cooking muscle foods at high temperature. Inhibition of HCAs by rosemary extracts were evaluated with beef patties cooked at 191 degrees C (375 degrees F) for 6 min each side and 204 degrees C (400 degrees F) for 5 min...
  8. Triazabicyclodecene: an effective isotope exchange catalyst in CDCl(3).

    Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(13):5001 (2007) PMID 17530896

    We describe the first effective H/D exchange reaction with acidic substrates in CDCl(3) at room temperature. The particularly mild reaction conditions involved (solvent, base, and temperature) allow the chemoselective deuteration of ketones over esters. An NMR study was conducted with the aim of rat...
  9. Total syntheses of conformationally locked difluorinated pentopyranose analogues and a pentopyranosyl phosphate mimetic.

    Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(5):1575 (2007) PMID 17266373

    Trifluoroethanol has been elaborated, via a telescoped sequence involving a metalated difluoroenol, a difluoroallylic alcohol, [2,3]-Wittig rearrangement, and ultimately an RCM reaction and requiring minimal intermediate purification, to a number of cyclooctenone intermediates. Epoxidation of these...
  10. Cytotoxic terpenoids from the Formosan soft coral Nephthea brassica.

    Journal of Natural Products 62(11):1518 (1999) PMID 10579864

    Two new cytotoxic cembranoid diterpenes, brassicolide (1) and brassicolide acetate (2); a new cytotoxic sesquiterpene, (-)-4alpha-O-acetyl-selin-11-en (3); and six cytotoxic terpenoids, (-)-selin-11-en-4alpha-ol (4), 2-hydroxynephthenol (5), nephthenol (6), cembrene A (7), epoxycembrene A (8), and (...