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Masticatory Muscles 11 articles

  1. Jaw tracking in orthodontic diagnosis. FAU - Spika, F X

    International journal of orthodontics (Milwauke... 28(3-4):3 (1990) PMID 2262298

  2. [Development of class II, division 2 malocclusion from mixed dentition to permanent dentition]. FAU - Maj, G

    Bulletin de l'Academie nationale de chirurgie d... (27):71 (1981) PMID 6963920

  3. Functional roles of peptide cotransmitters at neuromuscular synapses in Aplysia.

    Molecular Neurobiology 7(3-4):335 (1993) PMID 8179842

    We describe neuromuscular preparations in which it has been possible to investigate the physiological consequences of peptide transmitter release in detail. In the first preparation, the release of peptide cotransmitters from identified motor neuron B15 has been shown to be sensitive to the pattern...
  4. Orofacial muscle imbalance.

    Journal Of The American Dental Association (Edi... 65:767 (1962) PMID 14028699

  5. Cephalometrics in dental stress research. FAU - Ricketts, J

    Basal facts 2(4):155 (1977) PMID 155447

  6. Occlusion. FAU - Neff, P A

    Georgetown dental journal 38(1):23 (1972) PMID 4535399

  7. The influence of the herpes simplex virus on jaw muscle function. FAU - Gordon, T E Jr

    The Journal of cranio-mandibular practice 2(1):31 (1983) PMID 6590649

  8. A computer-based system for measuring the masseteric silent period. FAU - Mongini, F

    Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice 3(1):27 (1984) PMID 6594398

  9. Reduction of stress in the chewing mechanism. Part II. FAU - May, W B

    Basal facts 2(4):159 (1977) PMID 155448

  10. A cephalometric and electromyographic investigation of patients treated for the correction of mandibular prognathism by mandibular surgery o...

    International journal of orthodontics (Milwauke... 28(3-4):13 (1990) PMID 2262297