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  1. The PRONET project: pollution reduction options network to enhance implementation of successful transport and indoor environment practices i...

    International Journal of Environment and Health 2(3-4):293 (2008)

    The aim of the Pollution Reduction Options Network (PRONET) project is to facilitate exchange and evaluation of interventions on environment and health exposure reduction measures on a regional level, and promote implementation of successful initiatives in other regions of Europe. This project will f...
  2. Reducing noise from gasoline engine injectors

    International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibr... 1(1-2):83 (2004)

    Test and analysis methods for gasoline fuel injector noise are presented along with representative results. Particular attention is paid to validating the test methods. Comparisons are made between a simple analytical model and measured results. Finally, correlation between perceived sound quality an...
  3. [Myoelectrical operant conditioning in man].

    Journal of Physiology 78(9):827 (1982) PMID 7187768

    We have submitted 13 subjects to a control experiment. Subjects were placed under conditions similar to those used by HEFFERLINE et al., but without any contingency relating the myoelectric activity with the aversive stimulus. The results of these open-loop experiments showed that in a given subject...
  4. Human factors in helicopter flying. FAU - Mackie, W A

    Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service 60(1-2):39 (1974) PMID 4422223

  5. Axon membrane voltage fluctuations. FAU - Derksen, H E

    Acta physiologica et pharmacologica Neerlandica 13(4):373 (1965) PMID 5883687

  6. Designing better physical environments for today's nurses. FAU - Scott, Diane E

    The Prairie rose 75(4):19 (2006) PMID 19267146

  7. Ergonomic work analysis: a case study in a sawmill located in the Southern of Brazil

    International Journal of Advanced Operations Ma... 4(4):283 (2012)

    We identified a few minor improvements that are necessary on the work environment, including thermal comfort, noise and human–machine interface....
  8. Perspective of read heads for ultra-high recording densities and associated noise issues

    International Journal of Product Development 5(3-4):215 (2008)

    In the paper, the authors review the Current Perpendicular-to-Plane (CPP) read heads for ultra-high recording densities. First the advantages of CPP heads over Current-in-Plane (CIP) heads are presented. Then the technologies including tunnelling magnetoresistance that has been used in read heads are...
  9. Investigation on workplace environment and safety ? a case study in Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd.

    International Journal of Quality and Innovation 1(4):338 (2011)

    The importance of workplace environment and safety are getting increasing attention among researchers for decades. Each company needs to develop safety programs, procedures, policies and plans for their specific workplace. This can include a wide range of ideas, depending on what type of workplace en...
  10. Data mining performance on perturbed databases: important influences on classification accuracy

    International Journal of Information and Comput... 2(1):71 (2008)

    Data perturbation via the Generalised Additive Data Perturbation (GADP) method has been shown to be an effective technique for protecting disclosure of confidential attributes in databases. GADP is a viable internal security tool that preserves the statistical relationships in a database while hiding...