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Nucleotides 18 articles

  1. Cyclization of nucleotide analogues as an obstacle to polymerization.

    Journal of Molecular Evolution 28(1-2):170 (1988) PMID 3148737

    Cyclization of activated nucleotide analogues by intramolecular phosphodiester-bond formation is likely to compete very effectively with template-directed condensation except in the cases of ribo- and arabinonucleotides. This could have excluded derivatives of most sugars from growin...
  2. Direct visualization of labeled nucleotides in DNA using electron microscopy and autoradiography.

    Journal of Cell Biology 61(1):257 (1974) PMID 4545127


    International journal of radiation biology and ... 8:131 (1964) PMID 14218276

  4. Photoexcitation of adenine cation radical [A*+] in the near UV-vis region produces sugar radicals in adenosine and in its nucleotides.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112(49):15844 (2008) PMID 19367991

    We report the formation of ribose sugar radicals in high yields (85-100%) via photoexcitation of adenine cation radical (A*+) in Ado and its ribonucleotides. Photoexcitation of A*+ at low temperatures in homogeneous aqueous glassy samples of Ado, 2'-AMP, 3'-AMP, and 5'-AMP forms sugar radicals predo...
  5. The inhibition of polynucleotide phosphorylase by specific polymers.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 238:357 (1963) PMID 13953871

  6. [On the incorporation of radioactive phosphate into the nucleotides of desoxyribonucleic acid].

    Biochemische Zeitschrift 335:187 (1961) PMID 14462097

  7. Enzymes in action in living cells: the steady state of reduced pyridine nucleotides. FAU - CHANCE, B

    Harvey lectures 49:145 (1953) PMID 13232546

  8. The nucleotides: some recent chemical research and its biological implications. FAU - TODD, A R

    Harvey lectures Series 47:1 (1951) PMID 13052262