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  1. Elderly care reviews initiatives and resources related to nutrition and older people. FAU - Brown, F

    Elderly care 10(6):31 (1998) PMID 10542493

  2. [Conservative and endodontic treatment of deciduous teeth]. FAU - Castagnola, L

    Mondo odontostomatologico 13(1):27 (1970) PMID 4253117

  3. Inpatient treatment of anorexia nervosa.

    Paediatrician 12(2-3):126 (1983) PMID 6443681

    In this paper the indications for inpatient treatment of anorexia nervosa are reviewed. Although all programs aim at weight gain and normalization of eating habits, the means for achieving these goals vary widely from nursing encouragement, operant conditioning or, rarely, hyperalimentation. Most pr...
  4. ["Sensible cookery"]. FAU - Ropeid, A

    By og bygd 23:77 (1971) PMID 11631741

  5. Nutrition intervention and health risk reduction in childhood: creating healthy adults.

    Paediatrician 12(2-3):97 (1983) PMID 6571157

    Reducing health risk factors in childhood is a critical component of well-child pediatric care. Risks to eventual adult health status must be considered with equal importance as risks to the child's immediate health. Heart disease, cancer and stroke risk begins in childhood, when risk factors, espec...
  6. Comparison of blood platelet and erythrocyte lipids in man in three age groups from three regions: Milan, Cincinnati and Sicily. FAU - Iacon...

    Haemostasis 2(1):141 (1973) PMID 4364319

  7. Targeting reproductive health to reduce poverty.
    Author(s) unavailable

    Entre nous (Copenhagen, Denmark) (43-44):4 (1999) PMID 12222317

  8. Effects of gender and acculturation on nutrition-related factors among limited-English proficient Hispanic adults.

    Ethnicity & Disease 7(2):121 (1997) PMID 9386952

    Hispanic adults (n = 132) attending adult English language classes completed self-report surveys that assessed gender, acculturation level, and nutrition-related factors (i.e., knowledge, beliefs, self-efficacy, intentions, and fat avoidance). Descriptive statistics showed low nutrition knowledge am...
  9. Nutrition is a hot topic.

    Nursing New Zealand (Wellington, N.Z. : 1995) 10(11):suppl 4 (2004) PMID 16526387

  10. Sensitivity and specificity of maternal anthropometric measures relative to infant nutritional status.

    Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 9:38 (1996) PMID 10050198

    This cross-sectional study was done in July 1990 at health posts of two subdistricts in Cilandak, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to assess the sensitivity and specificity of maternal anthropometric measures against the functional outcome of infant nutritional status (weight-...