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  1. Hospital admission for accidental pesticide poisoning among adults of working age in England, 1998-2003.

    Clinical Toxicology 45(5):594 (2007) PMID 17558636

  2. Determination of three natural pesticides in processed fruit and vegetables using high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectro...

    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 21(13):2079 (2007) PMID 17546651

    This paper describes a method for the sensitive and selective determination of two macrocyclic lactones (abamectin and spinosad) and azadirachtin in apple purée, concentrated lemon juice, tomato purée and canned peas. The general sample extraction-partitioning method for our gas chromatography and...
  3. Organochlorine pesticides in soils under different land usage in the Taihu Lake region, China.

    Journal of Environmental Sciences 19(5):584 (2007) PMID 17915688

    A field study was conducted in the Taihu Lake region, China in 2004 to reveal the organochlorine pesticide concentrations in soils after the ban of these substances in the year 1983. Thirteen organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) were analyzed in soils from paddy field, tree land and fallow land. Total o...
  4. Residues of organophosphorus pesticides in different food commodities in Slovenia, 1997?1998

    International Journal of Environment and Pollution 31(1-2):142 (2007)

    During the period 1997?1998, a total of 1237 samples of different food commodities were analysed for residues of organophosphorus pesticides in Slovenia. The domestic and imported commodities tested included fruits, vegetables, cereals, alcoholic drinks and food of animal origin such as liver, fish,...
  5. [Flow injection biosensor based on the immobilized AChE].

    Environmental Science & Technology 27(9):1829 (2006) PMID 17117641

    A biosensor based on the flow injection system was constructed with the immobilized AChE from Scomberomorus niphonius (Curier) as identification element and a pH electrode as transducer. When phosphate buffer was used as carrier liquid, a good reproducibility (RSD = 1.427% , n=10) of the biosensor r...
  6. Agricultural and horticultural pesticides fatal poisoning; the Jordanian experience 1999-2002.

    Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine 13(6-8):304 (2006) PMID 17027317

    A prospective autopsy study addressing fatal poisoning with agricultural and horticultural pesticides was undertaken in Jordan over a 4 year period. A total number of 140 deaths occurred during 1999-2002. The mean fatality rate was 0.68 case per 100,000 population and the age range was 2-55 years; m...
  7. Effects of organophosphorous pesticides used in china on various mammalian cells.

    Environmental sciences : an international journ... 12(1):9 (2005) PMID 15793557

    Organophosphorous pesticides are currently widely used in China to help boost agricultural production. However, these pesticides pose various threats to organisms, including humans, and are thus a cause of concern. Five organophosphorous pesticides, monocrotophos, omethoate, parathion-methyl, phoxim...
  8. Early-life environmental risk factors for asthma: findings from the Children's Health Study.

    Environmental Health Perspectives 112(6):760 (2004) PMID 15121522

    We conducted a prevalence case-control study nested within the Children's Health Study, a population-based study of > 4,000 school-aged children in 12 southern California communities. Cases were defined as physician-diagnosed asthma by age 5, and controls were asthma-free at study entry, frequency-m...
  9. Preconceptional paternal exposure to pesticides and increased risk of childhood leukaemia

    The Lancet 354(9192):1 (1999) PMID 10577664

  10. [Possible health effects upon fetuses and sucklings by dioxins and pesticides].

    Arerugi = [Allergy] 48(11):1195 (1999) PMID 10630017