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  1. Gathering perceptions of Soweto small business owners on advertising in black townships in South Africa

    Journal for Global Business Advancement 1(4):445 (2008)

    As more money is invested in the redevelopment of Soweto, a black urban residential area in South Africa there has been a growth in the number of small businesses starting up in the area. This increase in small businesses has seen an increase in competition amongst businesses. Advertising has been se...
  2. Rehearsing for an audience: students learning science through video production

    International Journal of Innovation and Learning 9(3):311 (2011)

    A study adapting the writing-to-learn in science model to include video production was conducted. Two Year 7 classes (N = 21, N = 22) in mixed ability and gender groups completed a science investigation. One class recorded their findings using a written text (posters) and the other produced videos. Q...