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Pregnancy, Prolonged 4 articles

  1. Postterm delivery among African Americans, Mexican Americans and Whites in Chicago.

    Ethnicity & Disease 11(2):181 (2001) PMID 11455991

    We conclude that African Americans and Mexican Americans have greater postterm delivery rates than do Whites; however, commonly cited individual and community-level risk factors account for most of the disparity....
  2. Water-electrolyte balance in overmature fetuses.

    Child nephrology and urology 9(6):319 (1988) PMID 3272852

    The water and electrolyte contents of various fetal and maternal tissues were studied at the final stage of embryogeny and during prolonged pregnancy. The data indicate that the placenta in prolonged pregnancy can act as a depot organ for water and sodium.
  3. [Intravenous syntocinon test].

    Nordisk medicin 68:1269 (1962) PMID 14028843

  4. Determination of human growth hormone (H.G.H.) activity in the amniotic fluid in foeto-maternal disease. FAU - Genetet, F

    Annali di ostetricia, ginecologia, medicina per... 92(8):521 (1970) PMID 4942533