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Prenatal Injuries 37 articles

  1. [The "seat belt" syndrome in pregnancy].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 76(7):339 (1997) PMID 9446249

    The submitted article deals with the seat belt syndrome and its possible effects for pregnancy. The term "seat belt" syndrome is used for the injuries caused by contact forces between human body and safety belt which result from their relative acceleration. They were published many studies which con...
  2. [Development of brain vessels in human embryos and fetuses subjected to prenatal exposure to alcohol].

    Morfologiia (Saint Petersburg, Russia) 131(2):63 (2007) PMID 17583012

    Using light and electron microscopy, the peculiarities of the formation of brain blood vessel structure were studied at the early stages of brain development in human embryos and fetuses, whose mothers took alcohol during the period of pregnancy. Computer morphometric methods with the application of...
  3. In utero depressed fracture of fetal skull.

    Medical times 86(7):869 (1958) PMID 13551495

  4. Injuries to a child in utero.

    Journal of the Forensic Science Society 29(6):413 (1989) PMID 2614367

    A man was charged with reckless driving in that it caused a collision in which a child of thirty-five weeks gestation, then in utero, was delivered alive but died shortly thereafter. Objections by defence lawyers that no death had been caused within the meaning of the statute were rejected and an ap...
  5. [Pregnancy and traffic accident. A case report].

    Revue francaise de gynecologie et d'obstetrique 86(4):315 (1991) PMID 2068499

    The authors report the case of patient (second pregnancy, first birth) who had been involved in a traffic accident which occurred on October 5, 1989 after 7 months of pregnancy. The trauma was scored 2 on the international Overall Abbreviated Injury Scale. The impact was frontal and the patient driv...
  6. Fetal wound healing.

    Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery 110(6):547 (1994) PMID 8208570

    We review what is known at present about fetal wound healing....
  7. Maternal duties during pregnancy: toward a conceptual framework.

    New England Law Review 21(3):595 (1985) PMID 16998992

  8. Experimental analysis of the relationship between simulated low-velocity rear-end collisions and fetal outcomes of pregnant rats.

    Medicine, Science and the Law 49(3):213 (2009) PMID 19787994

    We therefore performed drop tests using pregnant SLC Wistar rats. Pressure applied to the rat uterus and rectum at various stages of acceleration was measured. After being dropped, rats were observed throughout pregnancy. At birth, the numbers, weight and the occurrence of physical anomalies among p...
  9. Routine use of episiotomy in modern obstetrics. Should it be performed?

    Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America 26(2):305 (1999) PMID 10399764

    Episiotomy continues to be a frequently used procedure in obstetrics despite little scientific support for its routine use. Although episiotomy does decrease the occurrence of anterior lacerations, it fails to accomplish the majority of goals stated as reasons for its use. Episiotomy does not decrea...
  10. [Polytrauma in pregnancy. A review].

    Gynakologische Rundschau 29(3):129 (1989) PMID 2680800