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Radioisotope Dilution Technique 448 articles

  1. Two time-point assessment of bile acid kinetics in humans using stable isotopes.

    Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 46(3):325 (2010) PMID 20645205

    The stable isotope dilution measurement of bile acid pool sizes and turnover rates in humans has involved the collection of nine blood samples over four days. This precludes widespread application to larger population studies. This study describes a two time-point approach for blood sampling without...
  2. Analysis of inhibition of DNA replication in irradiated cells using the SV40-based in vitro assay of DNA replication.

    Methods in Molecular Biology 113:543 (1999) PMID 10443450

  3. The use of cell and organ culture for the study of secreted mucins.

    Methods in Molecular Biology 76:145 (1998) PMID 9664352

  4. Linoleic acid metabolism in primary cultures of adult rat cardiomyocytes is impaired by aging.

    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communicat... 237(1):142 (1997) PMID 9266846

    We demonstrated that the modifications in the fatty acid pattern of cardiomyocytes have to be related to alterations in the mechanism of desaturation/elongation of essential fatty acids. In fact, independent of the age of the animal, heart cells in culture were capable of rapidly metabolizing radiol...
  5. Models for the regulation of purine metabolism in rat hepatocytes: evaluation of tracer kinetic experiments.

    American Journal of Physiology -- Legacy Content 273(1 Pt 1):G239 (1997) PMID 9252531

    Our flux rate analysis confirmed earlier experimental findings and also allows much more insight into the regulatory mechanisms of the metabolism studied....
  6. Development of a flow-cytometric assay to identify and quantify lymphocytes that bind to endothelial and epithelial cells.

    Biochemical Society Transactions 25(2):736 (1997) PMID 9191194

  7. Purification and inhibitor screening of human nitric oxide synthase isozymes.

    Methods in Enzymology 268:339 (1996) PMID 8782600

  8. Loss of sulphate in human colonic mucins during ulcerative colitis.

    Biochemical Society Transactions 20(2):95S (1992) PMID 1397660

  9. Assay of pore-forming toxins in cultured cells using radioisotopes.

    Methods in Enzymology 165:278 (1988) PMID 3068487

  10. 2-deoxy-D-glucose metabolism in individual tissues of the rat in vivo.

    International Journal of Biochemistry 18(4):311 (1986) PMID 3519306

    The nature of and rates of loss of products of systemic radiolabelled 2-deoxy-D-glucose in rat tissues in vivo were investigated to validate the use of this tracer to measure rates of metabolism of circulating glucose by tissues in vivo. Apparent first order rate constants for loss of products range...