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  1. Psychotic egos. FAU - Bellak, L

    Psychoanalytic review 56(4):526 (1969) PMID 5378085

  2. Procedural paternalism in competency determination. FAU - McCrary, S V

    Law, Medicine and Health Care 18(1-2):108 (1990) PMID 2374442

  3. L-dopa in the treatment of negative schizophrenic symptoms: a single-subject experimental study.

    International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 15(3):293 (1985) PMID 2866168

    Adjunctive Sinemet (L-DOPA plus carbidopa) therapy was assessed for a neuroleptic nonresponsive schizophrenic with a longstanding negative syndrome. A twenty-seven week double-blind placebo-controlled reversal design found significant improvement specifically for negative symptoms while treated with...
  4. The opening phase of psychotherapy of hypochondriacal states.

    International journal of psychoanalytic psychot... 9:389 (1982) PMID 7152821

    These results are demonstrated with regard to eight patients. Treatment failures using this method are demonstrated in a case where its application was delayed and in cases of hysteria and schizophrenia, where the method is not applicable. These clinical results can be conceptualized using ideas of...
  5. Hedonic deficit in chronic schizophrenia.

    International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 9(3-4):227 (1978) PMID 757211

    Forty-two chronic schizophrenic patients were evaluated for extent of hedonic deficit and compared with a demographically matched sample of normals. Schizophrenics rated themselves as experiencing significantly less pleasure on four of ten pleasure factors. When the schizophrenic sample was divided...
  6. Edwards personal preference schedule correlates of operant behavior

    Journal of Clinical Psychology 18(2):224 (1962) PMID 13872359

  7. Generating grounded theory: two case studies. 1985-86.

    International Quarterly of Community Health Edu... 25(1-2):79 (2005) PMID 17686697

    An inductive research method known as grounded theory is described as a means of building conceptual bridges between real-life situations and formal theory. The procedures are detailed and illustrated via two case studies. The first is a study of the social-psychological problem of cutting losses am...
  8. Explorations in the relationship of dream sleep to schizophrenia using positron emission tomography.

    Neuropsychobiology 23(3):109 (1990) PMID 2098666

    This study explored the relationship between rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and schizophrenia using positron emission tomography. Glucose use was compared between 49 schizophrenics, 30 awake controls and 12 controls in REM sleep. Assessment of the frequency and locations of brain are...
  9. The relationship of autonomic responsiveness to process-reactive schizophrenia and abstract thinking.

    Psychiatric Quarterly 37:19 (1963) PMID 14029820

  10. Neuroimaging and other neurobiological indices in schizophrenia: relationship to measurement of functional outcome.

    The British journal of psychiatry. Supplement 50:s52 (2007) PMID 17666517

    Our current level of understanding does not yet allow the generation of predictive models on an individual patient basis. Genomic and metabolomic studies hold particular potential for generating clinically meaningful 'biomarkers' but considerable further work is necessary....