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Solanum nigrum 3 articles

  1. [Review about mechanisms of anti-cancer of Solanum nigrum].

    China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica 31(15):1225 (2006) PMID 17048560

    This paper gave a brief introduction of the effect of Solanum nigrum on anti-cancer. The experimental results showed that the total alkaloid isolated from S. nigrum interfered structure and function of tumor cell membrane, disturbed the synthesis of DNA and RNA, changed the cell cycle distribution,...
  2. Antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects of Solanum nigrum chloroform extract in animal models.

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 126(11):1171 (2006) PMID 17077618

    The extract exhibited significant (p<0.05) anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities when assessed using the carrageenan-induced paw edema and brew...
  3. Liquid chromatographic determination of alpha-solasonine in frozen green peas as an indicator of the presence of nightshade berries.

    Journal of AOAC International 86(4):759 (2003) PMID 14509436

    Nightshade berries containing glycoalkaloids can be a contaminant in green peas. Methodology was developed to detect this contamination. The glycoalkaloid alpha-solasonine was extracted from frozen green peas with 1% (v/v) acetic acid, cleaned up on a C18 cartridge, and determined by liquid chromato...