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  1. The desire to be ill. FAU - Roth, M

    Transactions of the Medical Society of London 104:25 (1987) PMID 3078393

  2. Core symptom pattern of social phobia.

    Depression and Anxiety (Hoboken) 4(5):223 (1996) PMID 9167788

    Using self-rating questionnaires, 63 patients with social phobia but without a history of spontaneous panic attacks reported on their symptoms and traits, and on the development of their social phobia. The anxiety responses were composed of many symptoms (median = 14) of marked intensity, with blush...
  3. Hypochondriacal beliefs and attitudes in family practice and psychiatric patients.

    International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 13(2):127 (1983) PMID 6642874

    Beliefs and attitudes which can be responsible for hypochondriacal behavior were explored by administering the Illness Attitude Scales and two distress scales to patients attending a family practice clinic, nonpsychotic psychiatric outpatients and a random group of employees. Family practice patient...
  4. Physical complaints without organic basis in psychiatric inpatients: report of two cases.

    Psychiatric Quarterly 58(3):218 (1986) PMID 3628605

    Two patients with borderline personality disorder hospitalized for behavior disturbance had physical complaints for which no organic basis could be found. These cases highlight a conceptual difficulty in our current classification system for such physical complaints, raise issues about the interplay...
  5. Postpartum hostility and prolactin.

    International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 12(4):289 (1982) PMID 7166461

    In a previous study ten women with hyperprolactinemia and amenorrhea had significantly higher Symptom Questionnaire scores for depression, hostility and anxiety than patients with amenorrhea only and a matched nonpatient employees group. The hyperprolactinemic patients and employees were compared wi...