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  1. Sex differences in vulnerability and maladjustment as a function of parental investment: an evolutionary approach.

    Social Biology 39(1-2):65 (1992) PMID 1514125

    Sex differences in aspects of mental health are examined as a function of uneven parental investment in children. Relative vulnerability is a new construct mediating the influence of parental investment on mental health. Couples (129) in three stages of the family life cycle are measured by scales f...
  2. The desire to be ill. FAU - Roth, M

    Transactions of the Medical Society of London 104:25 (1987) PMID 3078393

  3. Physical complaints without organic basis in psychiatric inpatients: report of two cases.

    Psychiatric Quarterly 58(3):218 (1986) PMID 3628605

    Two patients with borderline personality disorder hospitalized for behavior disturbance had physical complaints for which no organic basis could be found. These cases highlight a conceptual difficulty in our current classification system for such physical complaints, raise issues about the interplay...
  4. Postpartum hostility and prolactin.

    International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 12(4):289 (1982) PMID 7166461

    In a previous study ten women with hyperprolactinemia and amenorrhea had significantly higher Symptom Questionnaire scores for depression, hostility and anxiety than patients with amenorrhea only and a matched nonpatient employees group. The hyperprolactinemic patients and employees were compared wi...