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Stereognosis 90 articles

  1. Hemispheric routing of tactilely delivered words for dyslexic males.

    Perceptual and Motor Skills 57(1):179 (1983) PMID 6622156

    This investigation sought to determine the effect of delivering unknown spelling words via a tactile modality to the left and right cerebral hemispheres of 10 dyslexic boys of about 14 yr. of age whose vision was occluded during word palpation. More words were learned through either condition of rig...
  2. Counterexample to the hypothesis of functional similarity between tactile and visual pattern perception.

    Perception and Psychophysics 54(2):179 (1993) PMID 8361832

    In earlier work, the author has demonstrated that tactile pattern perception and visual pattern perception exhibit many parallels when the effective spatial resolution of vision is reduced to that of touch, thus supporting the hypothesis that the two pattern senses are functionally similar when matc...
  3. Visual mediation and the haptic recognition of two-dimensional pictures of common objects.

    Perception and Psychophysics 47(1):54 (1990) PMID 2300424

    A set of three experiments was performed to investigate the role of visual imaging in the haptic recognition of raised-line depictions of common objects. Blindfolded, sighted (Experiment 1) observers performed the task very poorly, while several findings converged to indicate that a visual translati...
  4. Tactile pattern discrimination at adjacent locations along the proximal-distal axis of the index finger.

    Perception 35(1):125 (2006) PMID 16491714

    A discrimination task was used to examine how locations on the glabrous skin of the terminal and middle phalanges of the index finger affect the perceived shape of tactile patterns. On each trial, a pair of same-shape or different-shape patterns was presented successively on the distal half, on the...
  5. Temporal integration and vibrotactile backward masking.

    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perce... 12(2):160 (1986) PMID 2940320

    Subjects were presented with vibrotactile target patterns to their left index fingertips. The target patterns varied in the number of line segments that they contained and were presented in the presence or absence of a backward-masking stimulus. The stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) between the target...
  6. Early experience and validation work with Procedicus VA--the Prosolvia virtual reality shoulder arthroscopy trainer.

    Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 62:337 (1999) PMID 10538383

    We describe our experience with the simulator, attempting to validate some of the scoring mechanisms, and highlighting some of the pitfalls discovered as the simulator is first trialled by surgeons. This early experience has highlighted both successful aspects of the simulator, and some of the initi...
  7. Unisensory and bisensory processing skills of children having misarticulations and normally speaking peers.

    Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 31(4):575 (1988) PMID 2466170

    The purpose of this investigation was to test the developmental delay hypothesis as a possible explanation for the existence of misarticulations in 7- and 8-year-old children. To accomplish this, 10 normally speaking children, 10 having mild misarticulations, and 10 children with severe misarticulat...
  8. Recognition of tactile relief by children and adults.

    Perceptual and Motor Skills 113(3):727 (2011) PMID 22403919

    This study was designed to compare tactile sensitivity of children and adults on printed target stimuli covering a wide range of elevations and requiring different resolutions. A recognition-relief task using 9 digits at 6 levels of elevation from a surface (0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1,...
  9. Relationship between oral sensitivity and masticatory performance.

    Journal of Dental Research 83(5):388 (2004) PMID 15111630

    We hypothesized that mucosal sensitivity would be important for masticatory function. The accuracy of solid object size perception, spatial acuity, and food particle size reduction during mastication were measured in 22 healthy adults with/without topical anesthesia of their oral mucosa. Topical ane...
  10. Temporal order and tactile patterns.

    Perception and Psychophysics 47(1):22 (1990) PMID 2300421

    Temporal order judgments (TOJs) were obtained for tactile stimuli presented to subjects' fingerpads. In one set of measurements, pairs of spatial patterns were presented successively to a single fingerpad (same-site condition), to two fingers on the same hand (ipsilateral condition), or to two finge...