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Sterilization, Reproductive 32 articles

  1. Sequence of events following adoption of contraception: an exploratory analysis of 1973 fertility history data. FAU - Pickens, G

    Social Biology 28(1-2):111 (1981) PMID 7348440

  2. A selective bibliography on law and population. FAU - Kayden, Sandra M

    Columbia Human Rights Law Review 6(2):505 (1974) PMID 11663602

  3. Wrongful birth and wrongful conception: a parent's need for a cause of action. FAU - Sullivan, M B

    Journal of law and health 15(1):105 (2000) PMID 11930501

  4. Welfare and coerced contraception: morality implications of state sponsored reproductive control. FAU - Blake, Meredith

    University of Louisville journal of family law ... 34(2):311 (1995) PMID 11654442

  5. Early morbidity after vasectomy--a study of 137 cases.
    S NS and G MG

    Indian Journal of Medical Sciences 16:391 (1962) PMID 14027063

  6. Voluntary sterilization in New Mexico: who must consent?

    New Mexico law review 7(1):121 (1976) PMID 11664743

  7. Reproductive rights 1983: an international survey. FAU - Isaacs, Stephen

    Columbia Human Rights Law Review 14(2):311 (1982) PMID 11658562

  8. Voluntary sterilization of the non-institutionalized mentally incompetent individual: judicial involvement or abstention?

    New England Law Review 17(2):527 (1981) PMID 11658327

  9. Eugenics is alive and well: a survey of genetic professionals around the world.

    Science in Context 11(3-4):493 (1998) PMID 15168676

    A survey of 2901 genetics professionals in 36 nations suggests that eugenic thought underlies their perceptions of the goals of genetics and that directiveness in counseling after prenatal diagnosis leads to individual decisions based on pessimistically biased information, especially in developing n...
  10. Issues and opinions. II. Sterilization and the mentally retarded: HEW's new regulations. FAU - Urbanus, P

    Journal of Nurse-Midwifery 23:16 (1978) PMID 249776