An investigation of large inhibitors binding to phosphoglycerate kinase and their effect on anion activation.

European Journal of Biochemistry 205(3):1077 (1992) PMID 1349525

This study extends, to a series of larger anions, our earlier investigation of the interaction of the trypanocidal drug suramin and other small negatively charged molecules with yeast phosphoglycerate kinase. 1H-NMR structural studies of phosphoglycerate kinase in the presence of varying concentrations of these large molecules (designed to mimic, at one end, the anionic charge distribution in the substrate 3-phosphoglycerate, while possibly being able to interact across the cleft of the enzyme) including inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate, 4-amino-6-trichloroethenyl-1,3- benzenedisulphonamide, gallic acid and sulphasalazine are described. The anion activation and/or inhibition of the enzyme by these molecules are also reported. Evidence that binding to the general anion site in the 'basic patch' region of the protein may be responsible for either the activating or inhibiting effects, while binding at the hydrophobic (catalytic) site leads to inhibition only is presented. A reaction scheme which explains these observations is given.