Assessment of performance of solid waste management contractors: a simple techno-social model and its application.

Waste Management 24(7):739 (2004) PMID 15288305

Despite being in operation for more than 7 years now, privatised solid waste management (SWM) service in Tanzania has not been formally assessed. This is the premise for the techno-social performance assessment model for SWM contractors, which is presented in this paper. This paper outlines the background of SWM privatisation in Dar es Salaam City in addition to describing and demonstrating the application of the assessment model. The model has three components: service beneficiaries' assessment sub-model, service area technical assessment sub-model, and contractors' attributes sub-model. The model can be used to assess the performance of SWM contractors and in so doing provide data for assessing SWM privatisation as a whole. In the application of the model presented in this paper scores for 5 assessed contractors are in the range 24-65%. The contractor who scored highest is also the most experienced and also the best equipped. Nevertheless, all contractors scored poorly with the respect to their ability and attributes in SWM mainly because most of them are new to the solid waste management field. Copyright 2004 Elsevier Ltd.