Effect of centrifuge-induced artificial gravity and ergometric exercise on cardiovascular deconditioning, myatrophy, and osteoporosis induced by a -6 degrees head-down bedrest.

Journal of Gravitational Physiology 11(2):P243 (2004) PMID 16240530

We have reported that centrifuge-induced artificial gravity with ergometric exercise could reduce developing cardiovascular deconditioning in humans. In the present study, we examined this load could prevent the myatrophy and osteoporosis induced by head-down bedrest for 20 days. Subjects were ten healthy male volunteers with informed consent. They were requested to lie down at -6 degrees for 20 days, and evaluation for cardiovascular deconditioning, myatrophy, and osteoporosis. As the result, high G-load with low intensity exercise suppressed the orthostatic intolerance and increase in serum osteoporotic marker, whereas low G-load with high intensity ergometric exercise maintained the maximal oxygen intake, heart dimension, and prevented myatrophy. The combination of high/low G-load with low/high intensity exercise will determine the optimal protocol for prevention of cardiovascular deconditioning, myatrophy, and osteoporosis.