Morphology of caprine skin glands involved in buck odour production.

The Veterinary Journal 170(3):351 (2005) PMID 16266849

The distribution and morphology of the cornual, sub-caudal, mental and preputial glands were studied macro- and microscopically in four Toggenburg and eight miniature male goats. Although the cornual and sub-caudal glands could be readily located macroscopically, the mental glands in the inter-mandibular region and the preputial glands at the preputial orifice were not visible macroscopically. On histological section, all glands were found to be composed of lobulated sebaceous tissue combining both normal and modified holocrine secretory units. Over a period of 18 months, five consecutive glandular swabs for scent tests were taken to assess the influence of age and season on buck odour production. Buck odour was most apparent in the cornual gland area, less distinct at the mental gland region, and faint or absent in the other glandular areas. Surgical removal of the cornual glands caused a decrease in buck odour and persisting scent was ascribed to smaller skin glands dispersed in the cranial body half. Complete absence of buck odour was only observed in castrated bucks.