Regulation of the transcription factor FOXM1c by Cyclin E/CDK2.

FEBS Letters 580(7):1716 (2006) PMID 16504183

The FOXM1 forkhead proteins, originally identified as M-phase phosphoproteins, are proliferation-associated transcriptional regulators involved in cell cycle progression, genetic stability and tumorigenesis. Here we demonstrate that Cyclin-dependent kinases regulate the transcriptional activity of FOXM1c. This is independent of an N-terminal negative regulatory domain and of the forkhead DNA binding domain. Instead we mapped the responsive sites in the transactivation domain. A combination of three phosphorylation sites mediates the Cyclin E and Cyclin A/CDK2 effects. Our findings provide evidence for a novel Cyclin E/CDK2 substrate that functions in cell cycle control.