[Updated inventory of mosquitoes (Dipbra: Culkidae) from the French islets of Europa, Juan-de-Nova and Grande-Glorieuse (Mozambique channel, Indian Ocean)].

Bulletin de la Société de pathologie exotique 99(2):122 (2006) PMID 16821446

The islets of Europa, Juan-de-Nova and Grande-Glorieuse are French territories isolated in the Mozambique Channel (Indian Ocean) which have remained relatively preserved from anthropization all along their history These three islets have been classified entire nature reserves from 1975 and are today inhabited only by a permanent military detachment of about fifteen men even if they occasionally greet technical and scientific staff. Sanitary and environmental issues brought about assessment of the present culicid fauna. The authors propose a synthesis of the culicid knowledge from the islets and make an inventory of new species. The role played by humans in importation of culicids is discussed as well as sanitary consequences of their adaptation to environment