[Forensic psychiatric systems in the world].

Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria 28 Suppl 2:S56 (2006) PMID 17143445

The study aims to approach forensic psychiatry within different contexts. It endeavors to show how this specific psychiatry science area is influenced by legal and cultural aspects. The bibliography reviewed had in view understanding the different ways of how to deal with law within the psychiatric sphere, from a cultural point of view. there is a great heterogeneity, of different nature (legal, political, cultural, and religious) that enrich, but at the same time makes difficult, a debate about this issue. there are two great obstacles to achieve a good knowledge about the practice of forensic psychiatry all over the world. The first one is represented by a heterogeneity that makes difficult its description in a comprehensible way. The second is the lack of knowledge of the cultural diverse realities. These difficulties should be a stimulus for newer studies of this characteristic. Only in this way it becomes possible to gradually increase the comprehension of this issue.

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