[Frequency of microbiologicaly diagnosed urinary system tuberculosis in Tuzla canton area].

PMID 18172986

In this study we analyzed microbiology results of tuberculosis in urinary system, in the area of Tuzla canton in period since 1993 to 2005 year. For microbiological diagnosis we tested samples of whole morning urine by method of concentration and homogenization by Petroff and inoculated on Loewenstein culture media. All grown culture was identified biochemical by production of niacin, reduction of nitrate and production of heat labile catalase. In this investigated period we tested 121,945 samples of different biological materials on Mycobacterium tuberculosis: sputum 89,433, gastrolavate 5,122, broncholavate 1,337, pleural exudation 1,356, punctuates 1,711, liquors 179, stools 149, blood 4, urine 22,654 samples. All urine samples were taken from 4,192 patients. Positive culture is found in 358 urine samples or in 1, 58%, or 173 patients or 4, 13%. From total 4,759 microbiologically diagnosed patients with all different types of tuberculosis in this period of time, with pulmonary tuberculosis there was 4,495 or 94, 45% patients and 264 or 5, 55% with extrapulmonal types of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis of urinary system is microbiologically diagnosed in 173 or 3, 63% patients out of total number of diagnosed tuberculosis cases. Tuberculosis of urinary system is diagnosed in 115 women and 58 men. In both sexes it was most often diagnosed in age of 65 to 74 year and in women in age of 45 to 54 year and in man in age 25 to 34 year. Tuberculosis of urinary system is more common in patients from Tuzla then from other town in Tuzla canton. It is also more common in patients that were treated in Clinic then those who were treated ambulatory. We can conclude that distance of place of living from place of microbiology laboratory significantly influence on microbiologically diagnostic of tuberculosis of urinary system.