Rapid detection of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) virus antigen in Sudan by agar gel precipitation (AGPT) and haemagglutination (HA) tests.

Tropical Animal Health and Production 40(5):363 (2008) PMID 18509945

AGPT and HA tests were employed for rapid diagnosis of PPRV infection in sheep and goats in Sudan. Forty lymph nodes and spleen samples from suspected cases of PPR in both sheep and goats were examined by AGPT and HA tests for detection of PPRV antigen. Viral antigen was detected from (77.5%) of the samples tested by AGPT and (92.5%) tested by HA test. The results of both tests revealed that HA test was more sensitive than AGPT for detection of PPRV antigen (Kappa statistics 0.4366). Another advantage of the HA test over AGPT was that it can differentiate PPRV from RPV. Thus the HA test represents a quick, easy, simple, cheap and reliable confirmatory test for the diagnosis of PPR and differential diagnosis of PPRV and RPV. The HA test was carried out using chicken, goat and pig RBCs. Chicken RBCs were found to be the most sensitive for detection of PPRV antigen, followed by goat then pig RBCs. The HA time when using chicken RBCs was 20-25 minutes, using goat RBCs was 25-30 minutes and using pig RBCs was 40-45 minutes. The distribution of PPR infection in four different regions of Sudan was investigated.