External ophthalmomyiasis caused by Oestrus ovis: a rare case report from India.

The Korean Journal of Parasitology 47(1):57 (2009) PMID 19290093 PMCID PMC2655336

Myiasis of different organs has been reported off and on from various regions in the world. We report a human case of external ophthalmomyiasis caused by the larvae of a sheep nasal botfly, Oestrus ovis, for the first time from Meerut city in Western Uttar Pradesh, India. A 25-year-old farmer presented with severe symptoms of conjunctivitis. The larvae, 3 in number, were observed in the bulbar conjunctiva, and following removal the symptoms of eye inflammation improved within a few hours.

DOI: 10.3347/kjp.2009.47.1.57