[Review of patients with musculoskeletal injury treated during winter months in a highland hospital].

Casopis lekaru ceskych 148(7):303 (2009) PMID 19642295

The authors examined the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries according to their type and location in the period of winter at a highland hospital, which also functions as a regional hospital for a few winter sport resorts. . In the sample there were 1644 patients (696 women, 948 men) treated for primary musculoskeletal injuries from 1.1. to 31.3.2008. This was a retrospective study; the data were collected from medical reports. It included: age, sex, mechanism of injury, diagnosis and whether the patient had to be hospitalised or not. Age of the patients ranged from 1 to 95 years with an average of 29 years (31 for women and 28 for men). Younger age groups dominated among men. After 70 years of age there was a prevalence of women. Fractures were the most common cause of injury (653, 39.7%), followed by injuries to the joints' ligamentary apparatus by mechanism of distortion (379, 23.1%). Next in incidence were soft tissue injuries caused by contusion (325, 19.7%) and open wounds (241, 14.7%). The least common were luxated joints (43, 2.6%) and closed injury to muscles and tendons (3, 0.1%). The most frequent site of injury was the hand (404, 24.6%), while the least frequent place was the thigh (17, 1.0%). In conclusion the study confirmed that other than the age, gender and the season, the geographic location also influences the spectrum of musculoskeletal injuries. The study also showed that the most common type of injuries was that of the upper extremity. The study did not confirm the expected prevalence of fractures among women. The prevalence of men was probably because of the prevalence of winter sport activities as a leading cause of injury (mostly skiing and snowboarding).