[Alternatives to mutilating surgery. ].

Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology / Journal Can... 45(1):17 (2010) PMID 20130704

The purpose of this study is to suggest an alternative surgery to mutilating exenteration and enucleation surgeries in the management of nonfunctional, unattractive, and painless eyes. The suggested alternative is lamellar keratectomy with conjunctiva recovery. Retrospective study. Four patient cases in a unit with the benefit of this technique. The surgical processes and results of the four cases were reviewed. Postoperative results were most satisfactory with good esthetic results and, above all, a better psychological experience of surgery. For a nonfunctional, unattractive, and painless eye, lamellar keratectomy with conjunctiva recovery appears to be an appealing alternative to nonconservative eyeball surgeries.

DOI: 10.1139/i09-223